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Sammy's Beach Bar Red Head Macadamia Nut RumSammy's Beach Bar Red Head Macadamia Nut Rum

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Size: 750ml
Country: USA
Region: Hawaii

It starts with the cane.

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum is made from the finest sugar cane grown in the best cane growing region in the world - Hawaii. Pure first-growth and first-press sugar cane from Hawaii produces the most flavorful juice possible.

We could have been like all the others, following the standard one year maturation period of cane used in other premium rums. But to make the finest premium rum possible, the cane in Sammy's Beach Bar Rum matures for a full two years before it can meet our standards. This gives the sugar from the cane its intense character and wonderful aroma.

After carefully selecting only the best crops, the canes are harvested and then gently pressed near our distillery. This pressing extracts the first-press sugar cane juice. The cane juice is fermented for 5 days in custom made vats to create "mash" with an incredible bouquet.

“Distilled from Maui sugar cane, it is steeped with Macadamia nuts and colored blood red (fruit and vegetable juice color is added). Right off the bat, it’s an assault to the senses — the color of wine, but with the nose of crushed nuts. At first the aroma is hard to place — closer to hazelnut than macadamia — with light sweetness underneath.

The body reveals more nuance. Again, the nut notes are the most prominent component here, far overpowering any of the sweet rum elements present.

Nonetheless, it’s a well-crafted and quite unique spirit. My recommendation: Use it in lieu of nut liqueurs, not necessarily rum.

A-” ~ Drinkhacker.com

Rum Nut Refresher

1.5 ounces Sammy’s Beach Bar Red Head Rum

2.5 ounces Dole pineapple juice

2 ounce Grace coconut water

˝ ounce fresh lime juice