Beam 8 Star Whiskey

Beam's Eight Star is an 80-proof (40% alcohol by volume) mixture of 75% grain neutral spirits and 25% straight whiskey. It is inexpensive due to its high proportion of neutral spirits and its low whiskey content. Neutral grain spirits do not have to be aged like whiskey and can be mass...


Carstairs White Seal Whiskey

A gracious combination of distinguished whiskies and fine neutral spirits.


Phillips Union Whiskey

Introducing the main player - the rebel in the amber coat. Phillips Union Whiskey gets its Don Juan smoothness from an artful marriage of Kentucky Bourbon and Canadian Whisky. What was an industry first has become an instant classic. Mix it up, ice it down or pull it straight. Any way...


Seagram 7 Crown Whiskey 1.0L

All of the whiskeys in Seagramís 7 Crown are aged for a minimum of 4 years, some in new charred white oak barrels and some in used charred white oak barrels. The maturing inventory is monitored by expert blenders for flavor development. As the inventory gets near its usage age, blenders...