Camus ile de Re XO Cognac

CAMUS ILE DE RE FINE ISLAND COGNAC XO A RICH AND SUBTLE HARMONY OF FLAVOURS The deliciously perfect maturity of this blend comes from very long, slow aging, allowing it to develop its personality to the full. Tasting notes: mellow, softly rounded and smooth palate with a marriage of dried fruit...


Courvoisier Cognac XO Imperial

Courvoisier XO Imperial - Voted Best Cognac in the World at the 1994 Wine & Spirits competition. This extraordinary cognac in its famous tear-shaped bottle is an exquisite gift. XO means Extra Old and Courvoisier XO Imperial is judged to be the world's finest XO and is an exclusive blend of cognacs from the Grande Champagne...


Germain Robin XO Brandy

Robb Report Magazine's panel of experts ranked Germain-Robin Select XO first, ahead of the $1500 Richard Hennessy cognac Best on the planet SPIRITS AND COCKTAIL MAGAZINE Germain-Robin is the only producer in the world to base its distilling material on 100% world-class wine grapes. The Select Barrel XO is 80% Pinot Noir. No French producer...


Hennessy Cognac XO

Originally created in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy using very old eaux de vie, X.O was reserved exclusively for his family and friends. X.O has always embodied the finest traditions of Hennessy cognac. X.O is blended from more than 100 eaux de vie specially selected from the four premier growing areas. Some...


Kelt Cognac XO

Here one of the awards we are most proud of: Best XO 1996, by the United States Wine Enthusiast.93 - Kelt Tour du Monde XO, Grande Champagne Cognac, France, 80 Proof 750 ml (Tasted 9/1996). Dark gold with an amber cast. Medium-bodied. Dry. Delicate caramel, citrus, and herbal aromas lead into a smooth palate with a pleasing oily texture through to an extraordinarily persistent finish. Elegance and finesse are the pointers here. The connoisseur's session cognac: it should still be going down smoothly with the last glass. Tastings


Remy Martin X.O. Excellence Cognac

Crafted from more than 300 eaux-de-vie-- including some from the family's private reserve-- Rémy Martin X.O. Excellence sets new heights in cognac sophistication. It is aged three times longer than the designation requires, and each bottle of this premier X.O. is individually numbered and certified. A mark of the highest achievement,...