Atholl Brose Scotch Liqueur

STRENGTH 35% Inspired by an ancient Highland recipe, the award winning Dunkeld Atholl Brose is a delicious boutique liqueur that captures the best natural flavours of Scotland. A luxurious golden blend of single malt whisky, honey and carefully-selected herbs, Dunkeld Atholl Brose is a unique product steeped in Scottish history. COLOUR...



Barenjager is one of the classic German Liqueurs developed in Eastern Prussia in the late 15 century. Barenjager is a unique liqueur of high quality made exclusively from pure, natural ingredients, such as aromatic highland honey and fine spirits.


Bushmills Irish Honey

In creating Bushmills Irish Honey, I wanted to make a blend that had a smooth finish enhanced by warm characteristics, and that maintained the great taste and aroma of our original blend, said Bushmills Master Distiller, Colum Egan. We knew that Irish honey, in the right quantity, would be the perfect ingredient to bring the blend to life. Following the practice of creating blends that have been enjoyed for centuries, Egan has overseen the entire process of distilling Bushmills Irish Honey and believes the new variant is the perfect addition to the Bushmills collection. Bushmills Irish Honey is available exclusively in...


Celtic Honey

Celtic Honey is inspired by a recipe that survived through the history of the Celtic tribes of Olde Ireland. Famous for their intricate swirling designs in iron and gold, Ancient Celts were also celebrated for a liqueur made using early Irish ingredients. Celtic legend has it that this mysterious drink had...



Drambuie is made from a unique blend of the finest scotch whiskies, many of which are 15-17 year old single malts, a hint of heather honey and a secret recipe of herbs and spices.


G.M. Tiddy's Liqueur

This liqueur honors the English/French character of Canada. It’s taste blends Canadian whisky with the eloquence of a distinguished French liqueur. It’s name is that of a legendary Canadian, famed for exquisite distillations… and was either his proper name or Angelicized from the French, tiede”, meaning mild as a breeze.


Glayva Scotch Liqueur

This is another alternative to Drambuie and many say better. The smooth and mellow Scotch wkisky liqueur made in Scotland to an ancient recipe using the finest Scotch whiskies, wild heather honey and herbs. and the back label: Glayva is unique -- a blend of the finest selected Scotch whiskies, each...


Grandtully Liqueur

Grandtully is The after-dinner liqueur, and the perfect Doch-an-Dorrach for those of your guests to whom you wish a quick and happy return to the hospitality of your hearth.


Irish Mist

DESCRIPTION: Chestnut, with a deep copper cast. Christmas fruit cake, sweet herbs, citrus. Broad, rich texture. Lovely, deep palate replete with rich honeyed flavor. Sweet whisky notes come forth into the long, smooth finish. A great counterpart to its Scottish 'cousin'. SCORE: 92 TASTING LOCATION: Tasted under ideal conditions at the...


Jim Beam Red Stag Honey Tea

A smooth whiskey that features the flavors of two southern classics: honey and tea. Taste: Corn and mellow oak notes mix with a hint of honey and tea. Finish: Smooth and warm.


Koval Honey Chrysanthemum Liqueur 375ml.

Kovals liqueurs are particularly aromatic and flavorful because they use their own handcrafted white spirits as base. THe flowers, herbs, and fruit are fresh and organic; any sediment that forms is natural for these organic products. They are delicious as an apertif or mixed into a crafty cocktail. Honey and chrysanthemum...


Queen Bee Honey Whiskey 375ml.

The sweetness of fresh, local honey from Preston, Iowa blends with bourbon for this delicious spirit. No sugar is added, simply the true sweetness of real Iowa honey. The result is a perfect sipper with a natural seetness unlike any other on the market. They went through nearly 60 gallons of...


Southern Comfort 100 proof

It's like Southern Comfort, but 100 proof! Watch the possibilities unfold with the intriguing blend of fruit & spice flavors in Southern Comfort 100 Proof. Go ahead, add a little magic to your evening.


Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur

The only bourbon-based liqueur on the market, Wild Turkey liqueur brings out the best flavors of our premium bourbon, but with real honey to give it a sweetness that's hard to resist. The palate is a bit like syrup and glides around the mouth with obvious notes of vanilla and citrus....


Wild Turkey Sting


Yukon Jack Honey Liqueur

Boldly flavorful, yet surprisingly smooth. There is no other spirit like this!