Averna Lemoncello

Lemonello is a liqueur that Averna makes from selecting only the very best ingredients. It has the characteristic taste and fragrance of fresh lemons and is suitable for any occasion. Excellent as an after dinner drink. Serve ice cold.


Bacardi Limon Rum

BACARDI Limón rum is the original modern icon from Bacardi. It’s chic, adult, innovative, and desirable. Bacardi has crafted Limón in honour of the long-lasting tradition of drinking BACARDI rums on the rocks with lime.


Bertagnolli Lemoncello

The origin of Premiata Distilleria G. Bertagnolli dates back to 1870 when the rich landowner of one of the largest wineries in the Piana Rotaliana Giulia de Kreutzenberg married Edoardo Bertagnolli, forebear of the family and heir to an established pharmaceutical business. Giulia's passion combined with Edoardo's experience in the use...


Caravella Lemoncella

From the long-revered Italian tradition of the classic lemoncella, this exquisite liqueur is made from the finest grain spirits infused with the juice and peels of lemons from Italy's sunny southern Amalfi coast. Serve ice cold.


Ketel One Citroen

Ketel One Citroen has a pleasant, tantalizing aroma and doesn't disappoint when it comes to taste. A fine addition to the respected Ketel One name


Luxardo Limoncello Frosted

LUXARDO LIMONCELLO An authentic Italian lemon liqueur Limoncello is a world-renowned Italian liqueur. Luxardo’s time-honored production methods of infusing alcohol with peels, pulp and juice, enhances the natural aroma and bright citrus taste of lemons harvested in Southern Italy. The finish is medium-long, properly juicy and oily and in a word...