Clear Creek Pear Brandy 375ml

This is classic eau de vie de poire. They use Williams (Bartlett) pears from their own orchards in Parkdale, Oregon. They crush and ferment the whole pear and then distill the pure fruit mash in German-made pot stills. It takes about 30 pounds of pears to make one 750ml bottle of...

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Clear Creek Pear Brandy with Pear in Bottle

In addition to normally bottled pear brandy, Clear Creek does a special bottling of pear-in-the-bottle. To make pear-in-the-bottle they actually grow the pear inside of the bottle in their orchards, and then fill it with their pear eau de vie. This practice of growing pears in the bottle is traditional in...

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Grey Goose la Poire Vodka

In the Anjou region of France, the essence of Anjou pears is artistically blended by the Maitre de Chai with the world’s finest vodka to create Grey Goose La Poire Flavored Vodka. Originating from France, the Beurre d’Anjou, or Anjou pear, is prized for its clean sweetness and mellow flavor. Once...

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Trenel Creme de Fraise

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