Bacardi 8 Reserve Rum

Description : Dark amber with a dark copper cast. Moderately full-bodied. Reminiscent of walnuts, cinnamon, pecan pie, maple. Soft, rich texture. A fascinating style: like drinking pie topped with cream. A hedonic delight packed with chewy brown spices. The sweet baked sensation keeps intensifying. An everlasting finish. Score : 94 Tasting...


Cruzan Rum Guava

Nothing says tropical deliciousness like the sweet flavor of natural guava. And Cruzan Guava Rum delivers it with each and every sip. Perfect in any Tropical cocktail, with cola or a variety of fresh fruit juices, you’ll reach for the guava every time you’re feeling passionate about a fantastic drink.


Cruzan Strawberry Rum

CRUZAN STRAWBERRY RUM You won't pick a sweeter berry than Cruzan Strawberry Rum. Cruzan Strawberry Rum delivers the natural flavor of real strawberries. The aromas of [Cruzan Strawberry] can best be described as a sweet strawberry dream. And the taste makes that dream come true. Drinking it alone is like drinking...


Nassau Royale Rum 1.0L

Nassau Royale is a sweet rum with vanilla and coconut flavors. A delicate blend of exotic ingredients with a hint of vanilla. Experience its traditional island taste and bouquet straight or in a mixed drink or with dessert.