El Dorado 3 year old White Rum

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El Dorado 6 year old Silver Rum

A double-filtered 6 Year Old White Rum with a unique flavour and creamy smoothness. This exceptional luxury aged white rum with a contemporary image is designed to offer the younger more adventurous spirit drinker a more flavourful alternative to vodka, backed by the heritage and provenance of the El Dorado brand....

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El Dorado Rum 12yr

Lured by the legend of a City of Gold ruled by a gilded King, his body dusted with gold, early explorers braved the ancient heartland of old Guiana in search of El Dorado’ (the Golden One). The legendary city of gold is reputed to have been Manoa, in the Rupununi region...

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El Dorado Rum 15yr

Demerara has established a reputation, over the last 300 years, for producing the best rums in the world. El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve is the finest in a range of Demerara Rums. This supreme product of great distinction has been specially selected and blended to perfection by our master...

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El Dorado Rum 5yr

Amber. Spirity, dried tropical fruit nose. A vibrant entry leads to an evolving palate of caramel, fruit, toasted coconut, and American oak notes fading into a vanilla-tinged glow. Alcohol is present but supportive and provides a balancing bite on the finish. Remarkably developed and complex for a relatively young rum. -Rated 94, Beverage Tasting Institute

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El Dorado Rum 8 year old

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El Dorado Rum Cream

The El Dorado Demerara Cream Liqueur is carefully crafted by Demerara Distillers Limited from the finest stock of aged Demerara Rums and the best dairy creams. This unique rum and chocolate based liqueur is produced in an attractive 750ml amber coloured bottle. The Demerara Rum that is added to augment its...

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El Dorado Single Barrel Rum EHP

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El Dorado Single Barrel Rum ICBU

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El Dorado Single Barrel Rum PM

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El Dorado Spiced Rum

Discover the truly superior taste of El Dorado Spiced Rum. This exotic spirit carries the style, quality and provenance you would expect from the El Dorado brand. Its unique blend of aged Demerara rums and natural spices - cinnamon and vanilla with hints of citrus - delivers a genuine Caribbean flavour...

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