Duquesne Rhum Blanc

Squeeze a zest of lime over a tsp of raw sugar or cane syrup. Add a measure of Duquesne Rhum Agricole Blanc, stir and enjoy the taste of Martinique. Distilled at one of the largest distilleries on the island, Duquesne rhums have a long heritage on Martinique. Distilled from fermented fresh...


La Favorite Rhum Agricole Blanc 1.0 Liter

La Favorite is one of the last family-owned distilleries on Martinique. By respecting generations of rhum-making technique they make 'coeur de canne', their authentic rhum agricole. Enjoy the marriage of Matrinique's fertile soil and tropical sunshine, in a ti punch.


Rhum Clement Rum Creole

Rhum Clément Liqueur Creole Shrubb is highly regarded vibrant orange rhum-based liqueur long since known as the best kept secret on the island of Martinque.” Creole Shrubb is perfect alone neat or on the rocks; or ideal in Cosmopolitan martinis and Margaritas.


Rhum Clement VSOP Rum

The heirs of the H. Clement Estate holders of a longstanding tradition in the making of natural rum through the distilling of pure sugar cane crush offer a wide variety of white rums all certified with the Appellation d'Origine Controlee Martinique and produced according to the time-honored methods of their founder...


Rhum Clement White Rum

The special variety of rum known as Premier Canne is made starting from a fine selection of the best distillations carried out by Clement's Cellar Master. This rum is highly rated for its outstanding quality because only premium sugar cane are chosen, it is distilled in Clemen'ts creole column and for its...


Rhum J. M. Gold Rum

Tasting Notes Very Smooth. Rhum J.M Gold developed its light amber color from the time it spent aging in new American oak barrels. On the nose, aromas of fresh cut cane with a hint of light sweet vanilla is discerned. As the rhum opens up some spiciness and mild alcohol arrives....


Rhum J.M. Agricole Blanc 100 Proof

Crystal clear in color. Banana custard aromas with a hint of nutmeg, mocha, and toffee. A lively, silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body of raisins, figs, nuts, vanilla custard, and banana puree flavors. Finishes with a bold, warming wave of white pepper, spice and mineral flavors. A powerful, rustic,...


St. James Hors D'Age Rum

More than two centuries of experience and tradition have gone into this subtle blend of carefully selected Old Rums. This rum spends between six and ten years in 180-litre oak casks, and is permanently monitored, inspected and adjusted by St. James cellar masters.