Angostura Reserva White Rum

Angostura Reserva is full of character, exceptionally smooth, light to medium bodied spirit. On the nose, it has delicate notes of citrus, tropical fruits and banana, whilst on the palate it is rounded with vanilla, gentle spices and coconut milk. Kosher certified. Tasting Profile Color: Clear with a platinum cast Nose:...


Angostura Rum 5 years old

Angostura 5 Year Old has an attractive pale gold hue. It has subtle notes of burnt caramel and vanilla mixed with apple fruitiness. On the palate, it is rich, mellow and smooth with an almost fruitcake-like taste profile. Kosher certified. Tasting Profile Color: Old gold/amber luminescent color with green and orange...


Plantation Rum Trinidad 2000

This outstanding rum with great finesse is produced with the best sugar cane in the world and admirably represents its country of origin. Colour: Intense golden yellow Bouquet: Subtle, elegant aromas Palate: A long, very subtle aftertaste. Rich, exotic, complex flavours of coconut and citrus fruits


Ten Cane Rum

10 Cane is a luxury rum created from the first pressing of virgin Trinidadian sugar cane, not molasses. 10 Cane is craftedby experts at Moet Hennessy, the world's premier luxury spirits producer. 10 Cane is created from the first pressing of a specially grown sugar cane. The remaining cane is then...