Burnett's Vanilla Vodka

Burnett’s Vodkas combine the high quality of their original Burnett’s Vodka with all natural fruit flavors to deliver a superior taste. This perfect blend yields a tempting selection of today’s most popular Fantastic Fruit Flavors.


Stoli Vodka Vanil

Vanil is the authentic natural vanilla-flavored Russian vodka. Starting with the finest spirits, distilled from wheat and clear glacial water, it is then married to the extracts of Madagascan and Indonesian vanilla beans to achieve its distinctive taste. Splendid neat, on the rocks or with soda, Stoli Vanil adds a unique...


Vincent Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka

Van Gogh had the ability to blend colors into harmony, creating brilliance and excitement. Our master distiller created this vanilla vodka to match this same harmony. Vanilla beans were originally brought to Holland 400 years ago by the Dutch East Indies Shipping Company. A favorite flavor in Holland since those days....