B & G Pouilly Fuisse

The grapes were allowed to settle for a few hours at room temperature. Alcoholic fermentation took place at between 20 to 24°C in concrete and wooden vats. This was followed by malolactic fermentation in the spring following the harvest. The wines were then racked, fined and filtered before bottling. Straw colored...


Domaine Huet Vouvray Sec Le Haut-Lieu 2011

Their terroir-driven biodynamic white wine expresses the purity of Vouvray Chenin. They source top-quality Chenin Blanc berries with natural high levels of acidity from their Haut-Lieu vineyard, situated along the right bank of the Loire River. A controlled fermentation occurs in French oak barrels using natural yeasts living in our cellars....


Hubert Venau Pouilly Fume 2011

The Hubert Veneau vineyards have been a family estate for several generations. It was taken over by Hubert in the 70s and is now managed by the two sons: Bertrand, 35, and Jérôme, 34. It covers 93.90 acres and produces Pouilly Fumé on 44.48 acres and Côteaux du Génois on 49.42...


Patient Cotat Sancerre Vieille Vignes

This wine has been especially selected by Daniel A. Haas of Vineyard Brands for your enjoyment. A Haas family selection assures you that this wine has the finest quality and absolute authenticity. Very tropical fruit with some pineapple elements. Very, very thick with a puckering acidity. It’s fermented dry, yet is...


Remy Pannier Vouvray


Sauvion Muscadet


Sauvion Vouvray 2009

Together with Muscadet, Vouvray is the most popular Loire wine in the USA. It is the perfect introduction to the Loire wines: easy to drink, fresh, soft, velvety.“ It is grown in Touraine amongst the hundreds of romantic châteaux Did Leonardo Da Vinci drink Vouvray? The artist was requested to come...