14 Hands Riesling 2014

14 Hands Riesling reveals aromas of spiced peaches, freshly sliced apples and subtle notes of honey and flowers. Juicy flavors of nectarines and apricots fill the mouth ending with a racy, sweet-tart finish. is would be a great aperitif, or would pair nicely with spicy Asian dishes.


Affentaler Riesling 2014

The legendary monkey bottle takes a new turn with Affentaler riesling, a lighter alternative to spatburgunder. Less tannin, more monkey!


Baron Herzog Riesling Late Harvest

Late harvest aroma of dried apricot, pineapple and baked apple, with intense honey notes from the botrytis. Rich and luscious, full mouthfeel, sweet forward impression with very well balanced finish. Aftertaste of apricot and honey linger in the mouth. Serve well chilled. Pairs perfectly with a variety of cheeses, vanilla ice...


Blue Fish Riesling


Blue Nun Riesling

The Riesling grape is considered by many to be the finest of German grape varieties, and Blue Nun’s Riesling uses them to superb effect. It’s fragrant, fruity, crisp and lively. Good with white meats and fish. Once again, versatile enough to go with most things. And because it’s a very light,...


Blufeld Riesling 2015


Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling

The Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling is a crisp, dry and refreshing style of Riesling. It exhibits fresh flavors of white peach and mandarin orange, and ends with a clean finish. This is an incredibly versatile food wine and my favorite with oysters.


Chateau Ste. Michelle Erioca

Launched in 1999, Eroica is a labor of love for two of the world’s great Riesling producers. One from the Old World, Dr. Loosen estate of Germany, and the other from the New World, Chateau Ste. Michelle of Washington state. An intermingling of Old and New World philosophies and techniques enables...


Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling 2014

This wine shows the classic characteristics of Riesling from the Columbia Valley: ripe peach, crisp apple and zesty grapefruit. The wine is off-dry and delivers fresh vibrant flavors followed by a long lingering finish. Pair with fresh fruit, crab, mild cheeses and chicken.


Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling Harvest Select 2013

The Harvest Select Sweet Riesling is made in a slightly sweeter style than our Columbia Valley Riesling’ but still shows the classic elements of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. It offers rich flavors of ripe peaches and apricot that are balanced by crisp acidity.


Dr. Loosen Dr. L. Riesling 2014

This entry-level Dr. Loosen Riesling embodies the elegant and racy characteristics of steep, slate-soil Mosel vineyards at a very reasonable price. It is a bright, vibrant, fruit-driven wine made with grapes from contracted growers throughout the Mosel River valley who work very closely with brothers Ernstand Thomas Loosen to achieve excellent...


Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenhuhr Riesling Spatlese

Wehlener Sonnenuhr (VAY-len-er ZON-en-ooer) is a precipitously steep and rocky vineyard which yields some of the most elegant and sophisticated white wines in the world. It has very thin soil and the purest blue slate of any Mosel vineyard. This gives a lively minerality to the wine, along with a delicate...


Dunham Lewis Riesling Columbia Valley 2012

Crisp, refreshing and elegant, our 2013 Lewis Vineyard Riesling truly shines. This wine balances complex components of key lime, meringue, lemongrass and savory spices with honey and pine nuts. Crisp, mouth-watering green apple and kiwi combine with vivacious acid and minerality. Enjoy now or lay down, as this one has magnificent...


Fess Parker Riesling 2014

Fess Parker's White Riesling has gained an audience of ardent Riesling lovers over the past few years. While it is a slightly off-dry wine, it retains a bright, crisp acidity and is perfectly matched to a wide array of foods. The aromatics and flavor profile are exotic and inviting with mysterious...


Foris Riesling 2011

White peach, apricot and pineapple are the primary fruit aromas with a scent of wet stone contributing a mineral character. Acidity is the thread that weaves the fabric of this wine together and even with a touch of residual sugar the acidity is great enough that this wine finishes dry. The...


Heinz Eifel Riesling Spatlese 2015

Heinz Eifel Riesling Spätlese is made from lateharvested Riesling grapes in the middle Mosel Valley of Germany. These grapes hang into late Autumn and ripen such that they produce a rich, full-bodied white wine. Loaded with pear, peach, citrus and apricot flavors. An ideal dinner Riesling and also can be enjoyed...


Heinz Eifel Shine Riesling

Heinz Eifel Shine’ Riesling is made from grapes harvested on the sloping hillsides of one of Germany’s prime wine growing regions, the Pfalz. The winding rivers running alongside these vineyards reflect sunlight, which help to ripen the Riesling throughout the long cool growing season. Slightly sweet, with bright, crisp flavors of...


Hogue Cellars Riesling 2011

Gold Medal - 2001 American Wine Society National Conference and 2002 Riverside International Wine Competition


Hogue Cellars Riesling Late Harvest 2015

Eastern Washington’s low annual rainfall and cool nights during the growing season make it the perfect area for producing consistently great late harvest wines. Hogue has developed a style with Late Harvest White Riesling that includes a level of sweetness around four percent. Richness, viscosity and crisp balancing acidity without overpowering...


Jakob Demmer Liebfraumilch 2013

Crisp, slightly sweet, honey-ish and round flavored, this wine is very pleasing and fun to drink. Made from a blend of the Riesling and Gewurztraminer grape. Enjoy with seafood, poultry, or simply by itself. Serve chilled.


Kendall Jackson Riesling Vintners Reserve 2009

Honeysuckle, apricot and peach flavors delicately mingle with hints of Anjou pear. Deliciously crisp and nearly-dry with overflowing orange blossom flavor accented by aromatic jasmine and a delightful finish.


Kesselstatt RK Estate Riesling

Medium bodied, lightly sweet, smoothly textured, and complex in character. It is long on the finish, and persistent, tasting of green apple, pear, lemon peel, and Honeysuckle. Lots of flavour is cleanly delivered with zest and a soft and balanced acidity.


Leitz Rudesheimer Drachenstein Riesling - Dragonstone 2012

The Dragonstone is Leitz's entry level wine. Though from the Drachenstein (Dragonstone) vineyard and picked at 90 Oechsle (Spätlese quality) it is declassified to a QbA. However, this has resulted in what is possibly our best value wine on the 'shelves'. It has soft sweet notes enveloping bracing and mouth-watering acidity....


Leonard Kreusch Zeller Schwarz Katz 2010

The legendary Zeller Schwarze Katz, depicting a black cat, who leapt upon a barrel to dissuade a wine merchant from buying the wine. Light and fruity, but not too sweet. Great as an aperitif and goes well with Chinese chicken salad, fruit, and cheese.


Relax Riesling 2010

A Wine Enthusiast Best Buy”. RELAX® Riesling is one of America’s fastest growing wines. While sommeliers and chefs alike are rediscovering Riesling’s broad-reaching food friendliness, wine lovers like you are discovering RELAX Riesling. Slightly drier than traditional Rieslings, RELAX Riesling has a clean, crisp, fruity flavor that makes a great dinner...


Schloss Johannisberger Grunlack Riesling Spatlese Trocken 2006

In accordance with the revival of the classical Riesling wines, as of the 2000 vintage, the wines of Schloss Johannisberg, come with a unique and characteristical label showing the landscape and the castle, hereby paying tribute to its historical tradition of pictorial labels. A mouth filling wine of Riesling fruit flavours,...


Schmitt Sohne Riesling Auslese Blue Bottle 2009

This Riesling is produced from individually selected overripe grapes resulting in a full-bodied, luscious wine with hints of apricot, nectarine and honey. It has intense flavors and a lingering aftertaste. h Alcohol: 8.5 V 9.0% by vol. h Serve chilled h Enjoy with cheeses, fruits, richly seasoned foods and desserts


St. Urbans-Hof Estate Riesling 2014

Nik Weis, owner and winemaker of Germany’s renowned St. Urbans-Hof Weingut has sourced the best quality wines from neighboring vineyards to produce URBAN RIESLING, a new wine with traditional roots. The Nik. Weis Selection label attests to the fact that the wine has met Nik’s rigorous standards and reflects the traditional...


Trefethen Estate Dry Riesling 2015

Enticing, fragrant aromas of fresh citrus, green apple and peach fruit, accented by lovely honeysuckle and mineral scents. On the graceful palate, the wine's bright, lively, lemon-lime and peach flavors are given added zest by a refreshing minerality that threads through the wine's crisp, lingering finish. Riesling is a wonderful apéritif...


Trimbach Riesling 2008

Riesling is the most emblematic of Alsace grape varieties. Its delicate bouquet, the fine balance between its dry personality, its distinguished fruitiness and its natural vitality contribute to its exceptional richness. As the house style dictates, it is vinified dry Pair with : Riesling can be enjoyed throughout the meal, also...


Wente Riverbank Riesling

The Arroyo Seco Appellation is defined by a unique geological feature called the Arroyo Seco Cone. Composed of soils, water sources, and wind streams that differentiate it from the Salinas Valley and the Monterey Appellation, it was created over eons by the flow of the Arroyo Seco as it spills down...