Fu-Ki Sake

This superior quality Sake is made from the finest of sun-nurtured rice and contains 16% alcohol. Fu-Ki Sake enhances the flavor of food by cleansing and sensitizing the palate. Fu-Ki Sake may be consumed with the meal or used in food preparation and cooking. The traditional way to enjoy Sake is...


Gekkeikan Cap-Ace Sake 180ml.

Gekkeikan Cap Ace is the perfect single serving of sake. Inspired by the traditional term for an individual serving of sake, a ggoh, Cap Ace is designed to be sake to go! Style: Medium-bodied with mild flavors and a clean, dry finish. Pairing Notes: The perfect accompaniment to a wide variety...


Gekkeikan Horin Sake


Gekkeikan Sake

This versatile sake can be served warmed, room temperature or chilled. It is aged for approximately 6 months to achieve its mellow flavor


Gekkeikan Sake Black & Gold

This versatile sake has a smooth, mellow flavor and can be enjoyed warmed, room temperature or chilled. Serve from this traditional tokkuri container that was used when purchasing sake in the old days.


Gekkeikan Sake Haiku

Slow fermentation at low temperatures gives this sake a slightly dry flavor with a light aroma reminiscent of orchard apples. Enjoy chilled or over ice.


Hakutsuru Draft Sake 300ml.

Being aged after brewing for one month in its fresh state around 41F before bottling, Draft Sake has its refined freshness. It is characterized by its light, fresh and smooth taste. With food A good match with not only Japanese food, but also Western cuisine using a variety of sauces and...


Higa Song of Island


Hotaru Firefly Shochu

Made to commemorate the beautiful fireflies of the Chiran area in the Satsuma region, Firefly delivers a subtly sweet, silky smooth flavor of sweet potatoes. Made from the best Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes of the Satsuma region, Firefly embodies the clean air, beautiful ocean, and the rich land that is Satsuma,...


Jinro Soju

Jinro Soju is produced from the best grains and the purest water from the finest spring regions of Korea. It is appreciated for its smooth flavor and likeness in quality to the worlds finest vodkas. Jinro is the worlds largest producer of Soju, and produces over half the Soju sold in...


Jinro Soju Chamisul 375ml

JINRO CHAMISUL ORIGINAL is the first pure and clean soju filtered four times with charcoals made from bamboo in Korea. This filtration method eliminates any harmful substances or impurities leaving only the clean and smooth tasting soju. JINRO CHAMISUL ORIGINAL soju is a legend in Korea for its number sold in...


Kakushigura Mugi

Oak barrel aging has become a popular process as shochu producers experiment with different aging techniques to give their shochus unique flavor profiles. Kannoko and Ginza no Suzume Kohaku have full flavored profiles thanks to this aging process and are popular mugi shochus, particularly among whiskey drinkers. Kakushigura uses this process...


Kitsukura Soba


Momokawa Diamond Junmai Ginjo Sake

From: Oregon (USA) Style: Pure Rice Sake SMV: +1 (Slightly Sweet) Acidity: 1.3 Alcohol: 15% Very smooth, slightly dry, sweet aroma. A true ginjo (high quality ingredients and methods). Excellent choice for fans of medium body red wines and gin drinkers. Food Matches Seafood. Lightly grilled meats.


Momokawa Pearl Sake

From: Oregon (USA) Style: Pure Rice Sake SMV: -20 (Very Sweet) Acidity: 1.6 Alcohol: 18% A true Nigori Genshu (antique style, unfiltered). Sweet and full bodied, coconut aroma. Complex and approachable. Excellent choice for connoisseurs and new sak drinkers. Food Matches Spicy cuisines, curry and coconut flavors.


Momokawa Ruby Junmai Ginjo Sake

From: Oregon (USA) Style: Pure Rice Sake SMV: +3 (Slightly Sweet) Acidity: 1.5 Alcohol: 15% Mellow with a soft mouth feel. Slightly sweet aroma, light melon flavors. Excellent choice for new sak drinkers and fans of light red and dry white wines. Food Matches Light sauces, pasta and green salads, fish....


Nishiyoshida Kintaro Mugi

Kintaro is a premium barley shochu from Nishiyoshia Syuzou in Fukuoka, which I was fortunate enough to visit last summer. Id sought them out for that trip specifically because of their fantastic barley shochus, which have only recently begun appearing in the U.S. Theyve yet to catch on, but its only...


Nishiyoshida Kuro Mugi

Distilled at atmospheric pressure using black koji for a deeper, more flavorful spirit.


Soho French Lychee Cordial

SOHO is ranked number 2 on the new liqueurs market in France. It is a 24-proof drink flavored with the refreshing taste of lychee, the fruit of a tree native to tropical Asia, which has exquisitely sweet, fragrant pulp. Soho, with its subtle, refreshing and original taste, was launched in 1989...


Takahashi Hakutake Kinjo

Region: Kumamoto Brewery: Takahashi Shuzo Value on Sake scale: 24 Alcohol: 24 Suggested Serving Temp: Chilled or on the rocks Flavor Profile: It has a rich aroma with a mild yet full-bodied taste. This rice shochu is aged in 3 kinds of barrels - American white, Cognac and Sherry. 48 Proof...


Takara Jun Shochu

The Takara brand of shochu was first distilled in 1842, in Kyoto's Fushimi district. Since then, Takara has steadily produced high-quality shochu using innovative fermenting and distilling technologies. In 1909, Takara created a new type of shochu, known today as korui shochu. The huge success enjoyed by this new variety led...


Tenshi no Yuwaku

Tenshi no Yuwake means seduced by an angel. This special shochu is fermented in sherry casks for approximately 10 years. This is a potato shochu, but it has a light golden color very similar to that of whiskey. This rich aroma and deep flavor are definitely seductive!


Ty Ku Asian Liqueur

Presented in the World's First Glowing Bottle, TY KU Citrus Liqueur is a blend of Yuzu and other Asian Superfruits with TY KU Soju, a low calorie Asian Spirit. Naturally low calorie & low sugar, TY KU Citrus Liqueur is a true showstopper and lights up when lifted (activate button at...


TY KU Black Sake

A Super Premium Junmai Ginjo Sake brewed & imported from Nara, Japan. TY KU Sake Black is rapidly becoming the most popular sake in the U.S with its unparalleled quality, taste & style. TASTING NOTES Rich and silky texture with hints of peach & vanilla notes. Enjoy this super premium sake...


Ty Ku Soju

With 1/2 the calories and twice the taste of vodka, Soju (also known as Shochu) is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. TY KU Soju updates this ancient spirit by producing an unbelievably smooth beverage that is lower in calories and more versatile than vodka. Its superiority is the result...