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Highspire Pure Rye WhiskeyHighspire Pure Rye Whiskey
Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Sub-Region: Crestwood
Producer: Kindred Distilled Spirits

Highspire Whiskey is made with 100 percent rye grain. The distillery's unmalted grain, which is about 90 percent, is grown by a local farmer exclusively for Highspire less than a mile from the distillery. Combining the highest of quality Ryman rye and the terroir of Kentucky for the farming of their grain, Highspire has produced a whiskey that is unique from any other.

The whiskey is swiftly aged in used American oak wine barrels from California wine country, allowing enough time to introduce subtle flavors of oak and vanilla, create structure, introduce tannins and showcase the true flavor of 100% rye grain. With wine, itís always about the grape. With Whiskey, itís about the barrel; Highspire sets out to showcase the true flavor of their Ryman Rye by not allowing the whiskey to sit too long on oak. By aging the whiskey in wine barrels, the delicate flavors of the wineís fruit and spice are introduced to compliment the rye and create a well-rounded approachable whiskey.

40% ABV - 80 Proof