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Orphan Barrel Entrapment 25yr WhiskyOrphan Barrel Entrapment 25yr Whisky

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Size: 750ml
Country: Canada
Producer: Orphan Barrel Whisky Distilling Company

Entrapment is a 25-year-old whisky that was distilled by Crown Royal in 1992 and matured in Gimli. The whisky was produced from a mash bill consisting of 97% corn and 3% malted barley. Typically, Canadian whisky producers produce two main kinds of whisky. These are called base whiskies and flavoring whiskies. Base whiskies play the role that grain whisky plays in blended Scotch whisky, while flavoring whiskies mimic the flavoring role that single malts play in a whisky blend.

Base whiskies are typically based on corn or wheat. They are distilled at high proofs and usually matured in barrels that were previously used to hold whiskies. The combination of high proofs and previously used barrels reduces the quantity of congeners, the flavoring elements in whisky, which are derived from the grains or from the wood in the barrels.

Flavoring whiskies on the other hand, although they may also contain wheat and corn, also contain a much larger proportion of rye and barley, the latter both malted and unmalted. Flavoring whiskies are usually distilled at lower proofs to maximize the amounts of cereal and fermentation derived congeners and are matured in new wood barrels or a combination of new and previously used barrels to maximize the flavoring compounds extracted from the wood. Flavoring whiskies also employ a variety of chars on the barrels to create a range of flavors in the maturing whiskies. Often, unlike American whisky producers, different grains are fermented and distilled separately and only combined when the final whisky blend is assembled.

Orphan Barrel did not disclose the original intended use of the whisky bottled as Entrapment. The mash bill of 97% corn and 3% barley, however, suggest that it was originally intended as a base whisky. Neither did the company disclose why the whisky had remained unused for 25 years. Either it was uncharacteristically too flavorful to use as a base whisky or perhaps some barrels were indeed forgotten. The former reason is the most likely.

41% ABV

Color: rich amber with a deep yellow-brown hue
Nose: a pronounced, sweet creamy, crème brûlée note accompanied by aromas of butterscotch with hints of vanilla, followed by hints of dried stone fruit and a bit of walnut. There is also a persistent waxy note, slightly reminiscent of furniture wax that is typical of grain whiskies.
Taste: sweetness, a note of peach, with vanilla, butterscotch and hints of cinnamon and wood spice. There is a slight pepperiness that builds and then fades quickly.
Finish: very smooth, sweet, of medium length with distinctive stone fruit notes and some bitterness on the end.