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Glenfiddich Winter Storm 21yr Icewine CaskGlenfiddich Winter Storm 21yr Icewine Cask
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Size: 750ml
Country: Scotland
Producer: William Grant & Sons

Enduring freezing weather, Malt Master Brian Kinsman visited Canadian Ice Wine vineyards and selected grapes by moonlight to create rare ice wines, with which to season casks and finish the whisky.

After 21 years of maturation, Glenfiddich finished Winter Storm in Canadian icewine casks to create a crisp premium whisky imbued with a unique layer of sweetness and depth. Brian conducted several experiments with French oak Icewine casks and discovered that only the rarer whiskies, those aged for 21 years, had enough tannin and oak to balance the intense sweetness delivered by the Icewine casks.

This is a true limited edition, only 650 cases of Winter Storm will be released in the U.S. Once finished, this whisky will never be recreated.

NOSE: A bouquet of tropical fruit and candied sweets are perfectly balanced with underlying wine notes.

TASTE: Soft sweet notes reminiscent of candied fruit and Turkish Delight develop into flavors of mouth watering lychee. The fusion of sweet flavors is soon met with a rich drying sensation from the Icewine.

FINISH: Lychee, sweet and tannin.

43% ABV