Affiliate Program

Becoming an Affiliate:
When you are part of our affiliate program, you will receive 5% commission of sales when reffered to us by your site. You can also select to have links to one or multiple products on our web site. When you place the code given by us onto your web site and when someone clicks onto your unique code it will be tracked from your site to ours using software provided from Yahoo! An URL will show the number of references from your site and the sales from those referrals. We will make out payments to our affiliates on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on sales volume.

Hints on where to place to the unique code onto your web site:
  • Place it on a visible place on your web page
  • Place it on multiple locations thoughout your web site
To become a affiliate please e-mail as at:

If you have any other questions please free to e-mail us at the above e-mail address. We will try to get back to any questions as fast as possible.