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Big Bottles


Size Name Description Equivalent   4oz Servings
1.5L   Magnum "Large Wine Bottle" 2 bottles
3L Jeroboam First King of Israel 4 bottles
6L Methuselah Son of Enoch and grandfather of Noah, died at age 969  8 bottles
9L Salmanazar King of Assyria 12 bottles
12L Balthazar Regent of Babylon 16 bottles
15L Nebuchadnezzar    King of Babylon 20 bottles


Bordeaux, etc.
Size Name Equivalent
1.5L Magnum 2 bottles
2.25L Marie-Jeanne 3 bottles
3L Double Magnum 4 bottles
4.5L / 5L Jeroboam 6 bottles
6L Imperiale 8 bottles


Why should I buy a big bottle?
As things go, the maturing of wine in the bottle is a slow proccess. Because of the very limited supply of air in each bottle, the wine oxidizes slowly. But this is not such a bad thing. It is this slow maturation that allows a wine to reach its full potential. If you ever have any doubts about this principle, simply leave a bottle uncorked overnight. If you manage to catch the bottle before it turns, you will notice that the wine has, in a fashion, matured. Still, because the proccess has occurred too quickly, the wine is likely to seem more oxidized than it is properly aged.

If maturing your wines in the bottle allows them to reach full potential, then maturing them in large bottles allows them to reach new heights of excellence. It is simply that the ratio of air to wine is much lower in a large format bottle. With less oxygen, the wine matures more slowly. This not only creates a superior wine, it permits us to drink older vintages long after their 750ml bottlings have passed prime. For this reason, large format bottles are often preferred by collectors.

Of course, there is yet another reason to buy large format bottles... They look really cool. Nothing is quite so impressive as the opeing of a Nebuchadnezzar. A Magnum of your favorite Cabernet is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party. And craftier types can create a flower arrangement around an empty bottle of Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne.

I'm looking for a large format bottle of <insert name here>. Can you get it?

We will certainly try. Please e-mail your request to info@internetwines.com and we will do what we can.

Just How big is a 15L bottle?

Two Words: Small Child.