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Bertani Due UvaBertani Due Uva
Size: 750ml.
Varietal: Pinot Grigio approx. 50% Sauvignon Bianco approx. 50%
Producer: Bertani

The concept of the wines known as Due Uve (“Two Grapes”), of which Due Uve Bianco was the first to be produced by Bertani, is the result of the judicious and harmonious synthesis of two grape varieties, chosen and brought together to bring out the best in each other. Due Uve Bianco combines the body and elegance of Pinot Grigio with the aromatic notes typical of Sauvignon Blanc, thus achieving a truly original creation rich in personality and character, a fusion of two of the world’s most famous grape varieties.

Intense straw colour. Strongly aromatic with characteristic notes of ripened peach against a background of elder flowers typical of Sauvignon. The strongly textured, velvety taste of Pinot harmonizes with the aromatic component of Sauvignon