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Balvenie 21yr Single Malt Scotch PortwoodBalvenie 21yr Single Malt Scotch Portwood

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Size: 750ml
Country: Scotland
Region: Speyside
Producer: The Balvenie Distillery Company Limited

In the making of Balvenie Portwood, the Malt Master carefully selects rare reserves of Balvenie and transfers them to port casks for a further few months of maturation. The first period of maturation over more than two decades mellows the spirit and builds character. The second cask ageing is at the heart of the Balvenie Portwood and produces a single malt of remarkable complexity.

43% ABV

A perfume of ripe raisin notes and fruit skins is backed by a dryness with hints of almonds and walnuts. To taste it is silky with fruit, syrupy honey sweetness, leather oak tannins and notes of ginger and cinnamon. Its finish is long, gentle and nutty.