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Finlandia VodkaFinlandia Vodka
Size: 750ml
Producer: Finlandia Vodka Worldwide Ltd.

"Crystal-clear with a clean, pure bouquet in the best Western style, but pungent and quite spirity even when bottled at 75 proof. Smooth on the palate but with a definite dry, almost salty bite. Excellent, clean aftertaste. Mixes well but is also good enough to drink straight, preferably from the freezer."
- Desmond Begg, The Vodka Companion

Produced at a state-of-the-art distillery in Finland, surrounded by barley fields, backed by 400 years of Finnish distilling tradition. The water comes from springs that are naturally filtered through moraine rock - so pristine that artificial filtering would reduce its purity. Continuous process in seven 50-foot stills, at perfect temperatures, produces this clearest, smoothest vodka. Prized in more than 90 countries, Finlandia brings you a uniquely cool, crisp, pristine taste - a smooth brilliance - and a pleasant glow in the aftertaste.