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Takara Jun ShochuTakara Jun Shochu
Size: 750ml

The Takara brand of shochu was first distilled in 1842, in Kyoto's Fushimi district. Since then, Takara has steadily produced high-quality shochu using innovative fermenting and distilling technologies. In 1909, Takara created a new type of shochu, known today as korui shochu. The huge success enjoyed by this new variety led to Takara's incorporation in 1925. The next major revolution at Takara was the 1977 release of the Jun brand of shochu, whose crystal clarity and refreshing taste helped fuel an upward trend in demand for shochu that persists to this day. We continue to employ unique manufacturing processes to develop new shochu products, such as Jun Legend and Honkaku Kome Shochu Yokaichi, and to explore the possibilities of this distinctive Japanese liquor. As part of a new marketing philosophy adopted in 1994, we developed a number of environmental strategies, including the relaunch of Jun in returnable bottles.