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Soho French Lychee CordialSoho French Lychee Cordial
Size: 750ml

SOHO is ranked number 2 on the new liqueurs market in France. It is a 24-proof drink flavored with the refreshing taste of lychee, the fruit of a tree native to tropical Asia, which has exquisitely sweet, fragrant pulp. Soho, with its subtle, refreshing and original taste, was launched in 1989 in bars and discotheques, then in 1991 on the mass distribution market. The brand is evocative of Asia's mysteries. Soho is now conquering other markets, such as Western Europe, North America, and the Caribbean: markets that are so many opportunities to introduce new drinkers to Soho's unique and original taste.

Ideas for consumption

Soho can be drunk straight or as a long drink, mixed with fruit juices or soda.