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Johnny Walker Blue Label Scotch King George VJohnny Walker Blue Label Scotch King George V
Size: 750ml.

Sip and savor the definitive expression of Johnnie Walker Blue Label – in a blend that can never be reproduced. This new addition to their award-winning family of Scotch whiskies has been named after King George V, celebrating the first Royal Warrant granted in 1934 to John Walker & Sons as the official purveyor of Scotch to Britain’s royal household.

In the world of ultra-premium whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label epitomizes luxury. Inspired by the golden era, this blend is made with original historical techniques; it is crafted from whiskies produced only in distilleries that operated during the reign of King George V including several that no longer exist. The blend also features prized Islay malts from the Port Ellen distillery, founded in the 1820s, the stills of which are now silent.

The King George V edition is handmade in much the same tradition as Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This exquisite blend captures a delicate balance of the peatiness, smoke and power of west coast whiskies with the lighter, fruitier and aromatic qualities of those from Speyside.

Nose: Initial aromas of profound smokiness, followed by sweet fresh fruit such as apples and bananas, and malt characteristics; developing into rich dried fruit (raisins, figs, cinnamon) and spicy complexity.
Palate: Powerful, complex and rich, yet exceptionally smooth.
Finish: Rich, mouth-warming and lingering peaty finish.