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TY KU Black SakeTY KU Black Sake
Size: 750ml

A Super Premium Junmai Ginjo Sake brewed & imported from Nara, Japan. TY KU Sake Black is rapidly becoming the most popular sake in the U.S with its unparalleled quality, taste & style.

TASTING NOTES Rich and silky texture with hints of peach & vanilla notes. Enjoy this super premium sake like a fine white wine, chilled, in a wine glass.

Crafted from specialty Yamada Nishiki & Akebono sake rice that is polished so only 55% of the grain remains, a process which removes impurities and refines taste.

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RICE: Specialty Yamada Nishiki & Akebono rice, polished away over 45% for purity. WATER: Pristine iron-free natural spring water from the mountains of Japan. YEAST: Famed #9 yeast strain brings forth pleasing fragrance and aroma. KOJI: Handmade koji rounds out the full-body and flavor.