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Nolets Silver GinNolets Silver Gin
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Size: 750ml

Nolet Silver Gin is a new brand of gin from a family thatís been making the spirit since 1691. Ironically, the Nolet distillery is more widely known today for its contribution to the world of vodka. Thatís because 10th generation Carolus J.J. Nolet got the idea to break with tradition and make the Russian favorite a few decades ago. The result was Ketel One, which shipped over 1.8 million cases in 2009 and needless to say changed the face of the family business.

Recently however, Carolus Sr. and his two sons decided to get back in touch with their roots to create London-style, pot-distilled dry gins. One of results from this decision is the 95.2-proof Nolet Silver. Made from the usual suspects in addition to funkier ingredients such as white peach, raspberry, and Turkish rose, the concoction has been making waves on the liquor circuit for its slightly sweet and flowery tones.