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JR Ewing BourbonJR Ewing Bourbon
Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Texas
Producer: Southfork Bottling Company

Being the best isnít just an aspiration. It is an attitude that J.R. Ewing, the most notorious and celebrated bourbon drinker in history, carried with him through every tousle, turn and tribulation. The bourbon created in his name carries the same creed from decades of distilling experience brought to his Texas roots and bottled in Dallas, J.R.ís old stomping grounds.

The rich amber color that glows through the glass is what you see, and a well balanced and mature taste with a mild yet crisp flavor is what you get. Smooth, bold and celebrated, just like its namesake. It opens up with a classic nose marked by notes of vanilla, oak sweetness, and a touch of orange that reveals a lightly spiced honey taste that lingers.

Age: 4 years
Proof: 80