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Jack Daniels Sinatra CenturyJack Daniels Sinatra Century

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Size: 1L
Country: United States
Region: Tennessee
Sub-Region: Lynchburg
Producer: Jack Daniels Distillery

Jack Danielís Sinatra Century, one of the most limited Tennessee whiskies ever released. Aged in distinctively crafted barrels, this 100-proof whiskey is delicately balanced for smoothness. The interior grooves of the barrel coax the whiskey to greater depths of white oak and give the whiskey a complexity of flavors - imparting Sinatra Century with a robust and refined taste.

Encased in a unique collectorís box, every bottle of Sinatra Century is accompanied by a previously unreleased soundtrack as special as the whiskey itself.

Honoring the man and his legendary life, Sinatra Century is available in limited release on the occasion of his 100th birthday.