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Yellowstone Bourbon 2018 Limited EditionYellowstone Bourbon 2018 Limited Edition

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Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Sub-Region: Lebanon
Producer: Limestone Branch Distillery

Introducing the third and final generation of Yellowstone's descendant-barrel finishing experiment. In 2016, Yellowstone finished their Limited Edition Bourbon in specially-selected, toasted American Oak wine barrels. These uniquely nuanced wine casks lent their special flavor and finish to that year's celebrated bourbon. But their journey was barely begun. Later that year, the same barrels - whose richness and flavor, now increasing with experience - were lightly charred after 2016's bourbon was dumped and bottled.

Then the same 28 barrels were refilled with the soon-to-be Double Gold Winning 2017 Limited Edition, the very same barrels - now with a rich complexity of their own - were dumped and deeply charred. This heavy char over bourbon-wet oak produced a rich palate of burnt sugar, deep caramel, and a lingering essence of Creme Brulee.

As always, the constituent bourbon aged in these extraordinary casks is carefully hand selected and, like last year, includes Yellowstone's own bourbon, lovingly handmade at Limestone Branch with the company's signature white corn.

101 Proof - 50.5% ABV

Finished in No. 3 Char Wine Casks