Avion Espresso

Avión Espresso Liqueur blends Avión Silver Tequila the purest form of Avión, unaged and clear with all of the flavors coming directly from the ingredients and distillation process with fine Italian espresso. As a result, Avión Espresso Liqueur has an aroma of dark, roasted Italian espresso beans, which leads to a...


Cafe Aztec Coffee Liqueur

This rich, sweet liqueur has a wonderfully inviting aroma filled with dark roasted coffee. As the flavor follows suit perfectly, Café Aztec is a wonderful way to spice up a wide range of your favorite cocktails.


Caffe Lolita

Imported from Mexico, Caffe Lolita is created from only the finest coffees and quality ingredients. Caffe Lolita does not try to imitate competitor's taste, but has its own unique, smooth delicious flavor. Caffe Lolita is an exceptionally versatile liqueur. It can be mixed in specialty cocktails, served on the rocks, in...


Els Iced Coffee

The key ingredients of Els Iced Coffee are fresh cream from a dairy in Wisconsin, a blend of coffee flavors and, of course, alcohol. Indeed, it is the first such product available in the US with a 12.5% ABV content, which partly helps explain its unique taste. About the Founders of...


Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

This coffee-flavored liqueur is made with the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans from Veracruz, Mexico. The climate in this region of the country produce well-rounded, light-bodied coffee. These quality beans are then mixed with sugar cane rum, vanilla bean, and notes of caramel. They combine perfectly to make an easy-sipping liqueur...


Kahlua Especial Coffee Liqueur

LAUNCHED IN 2002, KAHLÚA ESPECIAL BOASTS A RICHER COFFEE TASTE AND EXTRA KICK. This intensely flavored dark espresso liqueur is made from the purest Arabica coffee beans and is deliciously served on-the-rocks or in a martini. Opaque and inky brown, a state-of-the-art and intense liqueur, Kahlúa Especial tastes of concentrated espresso...


Kamora Coffee Liqueur

Based on an ancient Mayan recipe, Kamora is a chocolate brown Mexican liqueur with a lovely coffee aroma. Its spiced, coffee bean taste is beautifully balanced sweetness zapped with intensity and depth. The full rich flavor is versatile and mixable. 26.5% alcohol by volume, Kamora is great served straight, on the...


Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur

Patrón XO Cafe is a dry, low-proof coffee liqueur made from combining Patrón Tequila and the essence of fine coffee. It features notes of coffee and light tequila with a smooth, yet dry finish. Patrón XO Cafe is perfect for sipping after dinner, in cocktails or as a dessert ingredient.


Thatchers Coffeehouse Liqueur

Thatcher's Organic Coffeehouse Liqueur has the aroma and flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans make a drink so inviting you’ll wish you were sitting in your neighborhood coffeehouse. Perfect for enjoying after a meal or in vodka based cocktails. Thatcher’s Organic Spirits are made of sustainably farmed, certified organic ingredients to...


Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

Tia Maria is a sweet liqueur with a strong coffee character and a complex aromatic structure. There are three significant elements: TIA MARIA COFFEE: Provides the distinctive roasted, full-bodied rich taste. MADAGASCAR VANILLA: Provides a pronounced but delicate, fragrant back note. JAMAICAN RUM: The ingredient that gives us our body, depth...


Trader Vics Kona Coffee

26.5% Alc./Vol. Platinum Award winner at the 2007 World Beverage Competition. Cultivated in the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona coffee beans grown in this area are revered by coffee lovers more than any other.