Amaro Dente di Leone

Dente de Leone (Italian for wild dandelion”) is a common plant whose roots, leaves and flowers are all edible. Traditionally, it was a base for herbal medicines and liqueurs and is believed to be beneficial for health and digestion. Amaro Dente di Leone is made from the mountain variety with its...


B & B 375ml

DESCRIPTION : Deep amber-orange hue. Pungent spice and herb aromas. A smooth, mildly sweet attack leads to a medium-bodied, mildly viscous palate. Complex, lingering finish. Intense, warming and unique. A classic. SCORE : 95 TASTING LOCATION : Tasted under ideal conditions at the Beverage. Testing Institute Inc., in Chicago.


Becherovka Herbal Liqueur

Becherovka is a delicious, traditional and high quality herbal liqueur. This well liked Czech classic has a special place for all important milestones of your life. It's a 100% natural product without any chemical preservatives, artificial substances or emulsifiers. Becherovka is made of renowned Carlsbad water, high quality spirits, natural sugar...


Benedictine 375ml

DESCRIPTION: Deep amber-orange hue. Pungent spice and herb aromas. A smooth, mildly sweet attack leads to a medium-bodied, mildly viscous palate. Complex, lingering finish. Intense, warming and unique. A classic. SCORE: 95 TASTING LOCATION: Tasted under ideal conditions at the Beverage. Testing Institute Inc., in Chicago.


Bitter Truth EXR Krauter Liqueur

The Bitter Truth E**X**R« is a herbal liqueur that blurs the lines of conventional wisdom. Firmly rooted in the traditions of both classic sweet vermouths and alpine digestive tonics. Enjoy E**X**R in a pre-dinner Manhattan or Negroni or enjoy it neat after a rich meal to aid digestion. It’s as delicate...


Breckenridge Bitter

Hand-harvested alpine herbs mingle with ancient bitter roots and spicy dried fruits in a symphony of aromas and flavors that recall the mystery of old world alchemy. This exquisite aperitif bitters strikes a remarkable balance of alluring aromatics and bittersweet flavors that will inspire the adventurous imbiber to the last sip....


Byrrh Grand Quinquina

Byrrh Grand Quinquina is made to the original late 19th century recipe that earned fame both in France and overseas. Its long legacy is also documented by a half century of magnificent poster art. This aperitif brings together cinchona (quinine), exotic spices and botanicals onto a base of mistilles and local...


Campari Bitter

Campari is an aperitif and cocktail ingredient, fairly common in classic cocktail recipes and equally delicious on its own. Perhaps best known for its characteristically bright red color, it tastes bitter and herbal and is still made in Italy, where it originates. The Campari is notorious for being unique. Like many...


Chartreuse Green

The GREEN CHARTREUSE is the only green liqueur in the world with a completely natural colour. It is powerful and different. Only three brothers know the names of the 130 plants and how to blend and to distill them. They are also the only ones who know which plants they have...


Chartreuse Yellow

Milder and sweeter than the famous Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse was introduced to the world in 1838. It also is presented in the traditional Chartreuse liqueur bottle embossed with the seal of La Grande Chartreuse. Its colour is entirely natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives. It, too, can be enjoyed...


Cocchi Americano

Made to the same recipe since 1891, this extraordinary aperitif wine has long been a staple of Asti. On a base of Moscato di Asti is infused a blend of herbs, fruit and spices, most notably cinchona, gentian and citrus, and laid down for a year before being released. In Piemonte...



In 1986, a talented Italian distiller, Arturo Vaccari, by blending local and exotic ingredients such as star anise and vanilla, gave birth to a new spirit. He named his creation Galliano after Maggiore Galliano, hero of the East African wars at the end of the 19th century. Galliano Liquore soon travelled...



Jägermeister ("hunt master") is a German bitter liqueur that is a complex blend of 56 herbs, fruits and spices. It should be served icy cold for the best flavor.


Jeppson's Malort

Jeppson’s Malört is Chicago’s local beskbrännvin a style of bitter, wormwood-based, Swedish schnapps. First developed during medieval times for its supposed medicinal benefits, it’s traditionally associated with the farms of Skåne, in Sweden, where wormwood grows wild. In the early 1900s, it was the most ubiquitous drink in Sweden and accompanied...


Killepitsch Krauter Liqueur

Award winning, premium herbal liqueur, Killepitsch, has been voted by an international jury again and again as one of the Best Spirits in the world. Consisting of over 98 organic herbs, berries, and fruits from all over the world and ripened in ancient clay containers, Killepitsch is truly a complex burst of...


Luxardo Abano Amaro

Amaro means bitter. In this Amaro are infused 7 herbs and roots including cardamom, cinnamon and bitter orange peel. Amaro Abano is a medium bitter, popular in Italy; it is drunk straight after a meal with or without ice to help digestion. COLOR Dark brown with an orange rim. AROMA Sweetish...


Rothman & Winter Crème de Violette

Among the native wildflowers found in the Alps are the Queen Charlotte and March Violets. Elegant in its simplicity, this authentic Crème de Violette captures their fragrance, vibrant colors, and taste. Enjoy this liqueur in classic cocktails such as the Blue Moon or Aviation, or as an ingredient in continental cuisine....


Sage Liqueur


Salers Aperitif

One of the most classic of French aperitifs is a pour of gentiane liqueur on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon. Salers is today the oldest of the producers and also from the Massif Central, birthplace to this style of product. Unlike the large corporate producers that today add artificial...


Spirts of St. Louis Vermont Night

Vermont Night is our oak aged Whiskey liqueur, sweetened with Vermont maple syrup. In 2010 it won a Silver Medal at the ADI Conference, and it 2011 it won a Gold Medal and Best of Category. The Beverage Testing Institute reviewed the Vermont Night and it scored a 91 awarding it...


Strega Liquore

Born from the steam distillation in small pot stills of approximately 70 herbs and valuable spices from Europe, Central America and the Orient. Perfectly natural product, it obtains its typical yellow colour from the saffron added to the alcoholic infusion; then a long fermentation in oak vats concurs to the perfect...


Thatchers Chipotle Liqueur

Gently spiced aromas whirl over your taste buds from the smoke-dried Chipotle peppers with hits of sweetness. Give your Bloody Mary a kick or spice up other vodka based cocktails.


Thatchers Cucumber Liqueur

A flavor so crisp and refreshing you’ll feel like you’re biting into a homegrown cucumber straight from the garden. To be enjoyed on the rocks or in your favorite gin or vodka based cocktail.


Thatchers Elderflower Liqueur

The delicate flavor of elderflower yields the alluring floral hint of a fresh spring dew, creating a new dimension of artisan cocktails. Perfect for drinking with vodka, champagnes, or white wine.


The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram Allspice Liqueur

The Bitter Truth - Pimento Dram is a spicy liqueur which is based on selected pimento/allspice berries (also called jamaicapepper) and the finest Jamaican rum. The pimento or pimiento is the berry from which the spice allspice is derived. English explorers coined the term allspice because the berry seemed to encapsulate...


The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur

The Bitter Truth - Violet Liqueur is made from wild violet blossoms that grow in the Alps which are then added to the finest grain spirit. Liqueurs date back centuries and are historical descendants of herbal medicines that were primarily prepared by monks. Liqueurs were made in Europe as early as...



Tuaca is a 70 proof imported Italian Liqueur. Its unique blend of ingredients gives Tuaca its vanilla and citrus character, which contributes to its lightly sweet, smooth taste.