Black Velvet Canadian Whisky

Black Velvet first came out of the barrel in 1951. The brand was initially known as Black Label, but after Jack Napier, the original distiller, sampled the first batch, he changed the name to Black Velvet to reflect its uncommon velvety taste and smoothness. Its sold in over 55 countries around...


Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whiskey

The nose predominates with sweet caramel. The caramel, toffee, and cream notes accentuate and complement the woody whisky characters. The palate is rich and luscious with a creamy aftertaste that lingers and pleases.


Canadian Club 100% Rye

This is a whisky made for those who love rye. It was created in the heart of Alberta’s unforgiving rye country, by a team who have spent the last 60 years mastering the art of distilling with rye. This whisky is truly unique and deliciously distinct, with caramel and oak notes...


Canadian Club 1858 Whisky

Canadian Club® 1858 is Canadian Club’s flagship whisky, the one that started the legend, and has been a leading global brand since 1858. It’s aged longer than the 3 years required by Canadian law in oak barrels before bottling for the smoothest possible flavor. Canadian Club® 1858 is easy drinking whisky,...


Canadian Club Chronicles 41yr

With 41 years in oak barrels, Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old is the oldest bottling of Canadian whisky currently available. On the palate it is silky-smooth and complex, with aromas and flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, caramel, tobacco and spice. Named Canadian Whisky of the Year for 2019 (Jim Murray,...


Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old Whisky

If you’re looking for more complexity and a bit more personality, Canadian Club® Classic 12-Year-Old is for you. This award-winning blended spirit is aged for 12 years in seasoned, char-treated oak bourbon barrels. With a more robust barley profile, Canadian Club® Classic 12-Year-Old is full bodied with a smooth finish. AROMA:...


Canadian Club Reserve 9 Year Old Whisky

Think of Reserve 9 year old as the more mature, older sibling of Canadian Club 1858 with a greater Rye influence. This whiskey is aged for a full 9 years, bringing out the oak notes of the barrels and a spicier, more robust taste profile. Perfect for sipping neat or enjoying...


Canadian Hunter Whisky

Canadian Hunter is authentic, unpretentious, smooth whisky for those who enjoy a well- crafted spirit. Golden amber color. Shy aromas of caramel salt water taffy and toasted nuts follow through on a thin watery entry to a dry light body with a wisp of honeyed wheat cracker and a brisk, pepper...


Canadian LTD

Canadian LTD is the 5th largest selling U.S. bottled Canadian Whisky. Made from 100% aged Canadian Whiskies Golden amber color. Golden raisin, dried apple, and toffee aromas. A soft gentle entry leads to an off-dry light body of caramel and white nut flavors with a quick fudge and caramel fade.


Canadian Mist Canadian Whisky

Canadian Mist is recognized for its mellow, smooth taste. It is triple distilled and aged in white oak barrels, charred to expose the red layer” and create a light-tasting, flavorful whisky. Canadian Mist is the versatile, light-tasting whisky just right for a variety of drinks and today’s casual lifestyle.


Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky

Caribou Crossing is the world’s first single barrel Canadian whisky, selected from the finest whisky available from Sazerac's inventory of more than 200,000 barrels. The whisky has been patiently aged in oak for many years to give it a rich and complex yet smooth flavor. Each barrel is then bottled individually...


Collingwood Canadian Whisky

A distinct artisanal whisky, Collingwood is made with unique artisanship by local distillers who carry on the exacting traditions of Canada’s longest continuously owned and operated distillery. The finest Canadian grains and the purest water from the Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Ontario puts this hand crafted whisky in a class of...


Crown Royal Apple 750ml

To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies are hand-selected by our master whisky blenders and infused with Regal Gala Apples and apple flavors. The result is a delicious Canadian whisky balanced with notes of crisp apple flavor. NOSE: A blend of bright apple balanced with signature Crown Royal blended whisky...


Crown Royal Black Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Black is a rich and flavorful blend of Canadian whisky. All the signature smoothness of Crown Royal, matured in charred oak barrels and blended at a higher proof for a richer texture and bold finish. NOSE: Deeper oak background with sweet maple notes. PALATE: Creamy, velvety’, dried fruit notes,...


Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Deluxe is the standard of excellence for Canadian whisky. It is an extraordinary blend of 50 full-bodied Canadian whiskies, matured to perfection. NOSE: Rich and robust, with slight hints of vanilla and fruit. PALATE: Delicately smooth and creamy with hints of oak and the sweet flavor of vanilla. FINISH:...


Crown Royal Noble Collection 13yr Blenders Mash

The Crown Royal Noble Collection is a series of limited annual releases that celebrates the skilled craftsmanship of Crown Royal's distillers and blenders and their dedication to the art of creating extraordinary whiskies. This third expression in the Noble Collection is a rare stock of Canadian Whisky made with a mash...


Crown Royal Noble Collection French Oak Cask Finished

The Crown Royal Noble Collection is a series of limited annual releases that celebrate the skilled craftsmanship of the company's master blender and his dedication to the art of creating extraordinary whiskies. This fourth expression in the Noble Collection showcases Crown Royal's Fine Deluxe whisky, finished for 3 to 4 months...


Crown Royal Reserve Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal's Master Whisky Blenders have hand selected the whiskies with the body and taste that were necessary for achieving the exceptional depth of Crown Royal Reserve. The end result is their gift to Crown Royal enthusiasts: a creamy, rich, reserve-grade blend, flush with sharp clove, and cinnamon top points of...


Crown Royal Reserve Canadian Whisky XR

Taste the rarest in Crown Royal's Extra Rare Whisky Series, handcrafted with a unique blend that includes the final batches of whiskies from the renowned LaSalle distillery. Located on the island of Montreal, the LaSalle distillery produced whiskies with a unique richness, attributed to the fine water surrounding the island. The...


Crown Royal XO Canadian Whisky

Crafted by the Crown Royal Master Blender, Crown Royal® XO furthers the signature blend from 50 of our finest whiskies, and then finishes them in cognac casks. Resulting in both an extraordinarily complex and smooth expression, Crown Royal® XO is an elegant whisky that is deliciously balanced with hints of vanilla,...


Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian Whisky

A blend of various grain whiskies aged in a mix of seasoned ex-Bourbon barrels and new American White Oak for a unique and full flavor profile. Appearance: Warm gold color Aromas: Features aromas of honey, vanilla and apricot fused with toasted oak, black walnut, and spice. Flavor: Robust, complex, rich, and...


G.M. Tiddy's Liqueur

This liqueur honors the English/French character of Canada. It’s taste blends Canadian whisky with the eloquence of a distinguished French liqueur. It’s name is that of a legendary Canadian, famed for exquisite distillations… and was either his proper name or Angelicized from the French, tiede”, meaning mild as a breeze.

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JP Wisers 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky

Aged to perfection over 18 long years and blended with exacting care to deliver a premium whisky with the smoothest of finishes. This multiple award-winning spirit is something you’ll want to have on hand to serve and enjoy on special occasions. Taste Profile: Autumn Florals, Green Apple, Fresh Pine, Caramel, Spice,...


JP Wisers Deluxe Canadian Whisky

J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe is an award-winning, full-flavored Canadian rye whisky. With a rich aroma and a body that’s complex but balanced, you’ll taste oak, toasted grains, and rich toffee, with a finish that is smooth and enduring. 2017 Canadian Whisky Awards - Silver Award


JP Wisers Rye Whisky

Wisers Rye whisky is aged between 5-9 years and is comprised of a blend of a double-distilled corn mash and a single-column still rye mash. It is aged in three types of barrels: used bourbon casks, used Canadian casks, and virgin-charred oak. 40% ABV


Legacy Canadian Whisky

Legacy is a full-bodied whisky with hints of peppery spices, toffee and caramel, giving it the perfect balance of sweetness. Distillation is overseen by world renowned Master Blender, Drew Mayville. It is bottled at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.


Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky

Nose: Corn, vanilla, maple syrup, spiritous fruit. Palate: Warming and peppery, drying oak, more vanilla, grapefruit and orchard fruit. Finish: Drying and spicy.


Northern Lights Canadian Whisky

Northern Lights has been a favorite of Canadian Whiskey consumers for decades. Their updated new look will draw more consumers to the brand and its bold yet smooth taste will keep them coming back. Northern Lights is made with rye, barley and corn (maize). Each grain is fermented, distilled, and aged...


Pendleton 1910 Canadian Rye Whisky 12 year old

Crafted to honor the bold and independent of the American frontiersman, Pendleton Whisky is named after the Pendleton Round-Up, one of the most prestigious rodeo events in the world. The event has been held during the second week of September each year since 1910, and brings over 50,000 tourists to the...

WE 90


Revel Stoke Apple Whisky

Who needs an orchard? With just the right balance of apple flavor and whisky, this new addition to the Revel Stoke family proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the whisky tree.


Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky

The first spiced whisky and winner of the Spirits International Prestige Award. Features hints of vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, coriander and cardamom.


Rich & Rare Canadian Whisky

Rich taste and rare smoothness are what you’ll find in one of Canada’s oldest whisky brands. Pale amber color. Aromas of vanilla buttercream, praline, and delicate mocha follow through on a soft, brisk entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with a nice oily texture and a smooth, lightly peppery fade. A...


Rich and Rare Reserve Canadian Whisky

Distilled in Canada in small batches and aged patiently in hand picked oak barrels, Rich & Rare Reserve delivers a distinctive smoothness and unparalleled elegance.


Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whisky

Royal Canadian Small Batch is a smooth, rich, complex Canadian whisky made in very small batches by our expert whisky making team under the watchful eye of our Master Blender. Each batch of Royal Canadian Small Batch is comprised of the best barrels from among our finest aged whiskies, which in...


Seagram VO Canadian Whisky

Gold with a light amber glow. Medium- to light-bodied. Dry. Reminiscent of pear, caramel, butter, brown spices. Light, slightly coarse texture. Fruit is complemented by soft brown spices.


Seagram VO Gold Canadian Whisky

This special edition contains many rare and valuable whiskies, none less than eight years old. Under the guidance of the Master Blender, the most exceptional casks have been selected for his Signature Blend. Its golden hue is distinctive and inviting. Its aroma is rich and full bodied, with sweet notes of...


Serpents Bite Apple Cider Whiskey

Serpent's Bite is the perfect balance of sweet, crisp apple cider flavors paired with smooth whisky. The unique flavor will appeal to fans of whisky and hard apple ciders, while introducing a new leader to flavored shots. The whisky is produced in Alberta, Canada and distilled from a mash of corn...


Tangle Ridge Canadian Whiskey Double Cask

Tangle Ridge Blended Canadian Whisky takes its name from Tangle Ridge, a limestone wall that has since become a landmark in the Canadian Rockies (discovered by Canada’s first female explorer, Mary Schaeffer). Made from 100% of the finest Canadian rye, Tangle Ridge is the only Canadian whisky that uses the Double...


Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Ice Cask Whisky

Whisky made the Canadian way locally sourced grains are individually distilled, matured and blended, then finished in Icewine casks from the Wayne Gretzky winery. This process polishes’ the whisky, adding rich oak and spice, along with sweet notes, balancing all of the elements to produce a refined and smooth whisky. The...


Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Ninety Nine Proof Whisky

Whisky made the Canadian way locally sourced grains are individually distilled, matured and blended, then finished in Cabernet Sauvignon casks from our Wayne Gretzky winery. This process polishes’ the whisky, adding rich oak and baked fruit notes, along with a more pronounced rye-forward spice, balancing all of the elements to produce...


Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Red Cask Whisky

Whisky made the Canadian way locally sourced Canadian Grains are individually distilled, matured and blended, then finished in red wine casks harvested from the Wayne Gretzky Winery. The Cask Finishing Process increases the complexity of the whisky by adding supple oak tannins, notes of soft vanilla and multiple layers of spice,...

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Windsor Canadian

A light, delicately flavored whisky, Windsor® Canadian is Canada’s smoothest. Windsor is made from cereal grains grown near Calgary, Alberta, combined with the pure, clear glacial stream water of Western Canada and aged in the dry, mile-high Canadian Rocky Mountains. Color: Dark gold. Medium body. Dry. Aroma: Reminiscent of peach, honey,...