Aberfeldy 12yr Single Malt Scotch

Part of The Last Great Malts of Scotland campaign, Aberfeldy whiskies are crafted from water sourced from the Pitilie Burn, famed for its gold deposits. Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made exclusively from barley that is milled through the distillery's Porteus mill before being mashed and then fermented in...


Aberlour A'bunadh Single Malt Scotch Whisky

With each batch specially crafted, Aberlour A’bunadh is a unique cask strength whisky that has achieved cult status among whisky connoisseurs. Meaning the original’ in Gaelic, A’bunadh is made in homage to Aberlour’s founder, James Fleming, using only traditional methods without chill filtration or other modern processes. The result is a...

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Aberlour Single Malt Scotch 18 Year Old

92pts - Whisky Advocate This has a significant proportion of sherry wood and it marks a real step up from its younger stablemates. It boasts a stylish nose of old leathery cigar boxes, vanilla, and orange marmalade. Syrupy on the palate, with oranges, sweet sherry, honey, and figs. Spicy oak, caramel, citrus fruits, and aniseed in the lengthy finish. Appearance Amber Nose Creamy, like melted vanilla ice-cream. Fruity and honeyed. Palate Fresh juicy apples and oranges before sherry kicks in with supple sultanas and vanilla. 43% ABV Awards: CHAIRMAN'S TROPHY FINALIST 97pts - 2016 ULTIMATE SPIRITS CHALLENGE.

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Aberlour Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old

As with most Aberlour whisky, this 12 Year Old single malt has been matured in two types of cask. This double casking adds depth of character as well as balanced notes of fruits and spices. Color: Golden amber with hints of ruby red Nose: Very soft and rounded with fruity notes...


Aberlour Single Malt Scotch 16 Year Old

Like the 12year old, previously only available in France, this new Aberlour beguilingly combines age and character.

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Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky

46% ABV Color: Golden Yellow Nose : Unusually dry peat; not dissimilar to peat reek absorbed by an old leather armchair; a hint of citrus, too Taste : Despite the nose, the immediate sensation is one of being caressed by molassed sugar and then a ratching up of the peat notes....


Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky Cask Strength

62.8% ABV Color:Golden Yellow Nose : Gristy smoked barley, kippers with a salted butter, peppered bite Taste : The delivery is youthful and barely reaching puberty then suddenly an intensely malty ascendancy followed by a healthy dose of drier oaks Finish : A sublime finale for its sheer delicacy and elegance;...


Ancnoc Single Malt Scotch 12 year old

The anCnoc 12 Year Old is renowned the world over. Known as a must have in any whisky drinkers collection, it’s light and yet complex. Smooth yet challenging. And each twist and turn delivers a surprise. In fact, this is a dram that has something for everyone. Nose: Soft, very aromatic...


Ardbeg Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 10 year Old

Color - Amber with pale gold highlights. Nose - Big-bodied, dark and pungent, good, solid peat character and an underlay of rich lemon zest citrus, dry, but with a hint of sweetness, round with a delicate note of iodine. Flavor - Full-bodied, earthily, smokily peaty and rich with touches of coffee/chocolate...


Ardmore Single Malt Scotch

Color: Burnished Gold Nose: At bottle strength the influence of the two styles of maturation casks compliment each other producing a full bodied smooth aroma. The maturity that shows through comes from the America barrels and the spicy creamy nose from the old style smaller casks. A touch of water allows...


Ardmore Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 30 year old

In 2008, Ardmore® Traditional Cask redefined the Single Highland Malt Scotch experience in the United States. Masterfully crafted from the only Highland distillery that consistently peats its barley, Ardmore weaves bold smoky flavor notes historically associated only with Islay malts into the rich Highland malt experience. Expanding on this unique combination...


Auchentoshan 18yr Single Malt Scotch

Triple distilled and matured in American bourbon oak for over eighteen years. The result: a refreshing Lowland single malt whisky with the added infusion of ripe citrus and green tea, the warmth of toasted almonds and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste. Color: deep golden summer barley On the Nose: Fresh...

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Auchentoshan American Oak

Triple distilled and matured solely in American bourbon casks. The result: a Lowland Single Malt Whisky with the sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut - along with the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste. Appearance: Bright gold On the Nose: Bourbon vanilla and coconut with layers of zesty citrus fruit. Taste: Refreshingly...

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Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt

The Bartender's Malt is a bespoke collaboration of whiskies selected by 12 of the most innovative bartenders in the world. The malt ranges from 5 different decades, matured in a diverse range of oaks including American and European, as well as a variety of sherry casks, red wine barriques and German...

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Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch 12 year Old

Auchentoshan is an extremely versatile Single Malt and as such can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. Auchentoshan, especially the Three Wood, is used Worldwide by cocktail mixologists in numerous drinks due to it’s complex flavor profile coupled with the smoothness that the triple distillation provides. Auchentoshan is also used...


Auchentoshan Three Wood

This award-winning Auchentoshan has been matured in three different cask types. From American Bourbon to Spanish Oloroso Sherry - and finally Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks - this is a rich, complex whisky with toffee and sherry flavors. Three Wood makes a cracking Auchentoshan & Ale, a mean Old Fashioned and a...


Aultmore 12yr Single Malt Scotch - Foggie Moss

A well-kept secret of locals and Buckie fisherman for over a century; a delicate nose of dewy moss and floral notes; the palate offers a sweet liquid that glides through flavors of green grass and fresh wild herbs that lead to an exceptionally smooth, clean finish. Part of Dewar's The Last Great Malts range,...

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Aultmore 18yr Single Malt Scotch - Foggie Moss

Aultmore has large scale production -- reaching over 2 million liters per year. Their whiskies, generally being produced for blends, made single malts production fairly rare, other than the intermittent independent bottling. After experimenting with an in-house single malt offering they released their first official bottling in in 2004; a 12-year...

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Bains Cape Mountain Whisky

Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky is made from 100% South African yellow maize and distilled at the The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington. This double-matured whisky spends 3 years in first-fill bourbon barrels before it's transferred for finishing in new first-fill bourbon barrels for an additional 18 to 30 months.


Balvenie Peat Week 14yr Peated Whisky - 2003 Vintage

Since 2002, Balvenie has dedicated one week each year to run heavily peated barley through the whisky making process, creating a distinctly different Balvenie distillery style, one perhaps more similar to that of 50 years ago. The week chosen as 'Peat Week' changes each year. The 2003 vintage is from week...

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Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 12 Year

The Balvenie Distillery is most unique. It grows its own barley, still does its own floor maltings, has its own cooper to maintain the barrels in which its whisky is matured and has its own coppersmith to take care of its stills. Balvenie Distillery was founded in 1892 near the ruins...

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Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 12 year Old Single Barrel

This Single Barrel expression from The Balvenie has been aged in a 12 years in first fill Bourbon cask of a single distillation. The Balvenie Malt Master hand selects only those casks characterized by sweetness and subtle vanilla oakiness to be bottled as The Balvenie Single Barrel. Each bottling forms a...

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Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 14 Year Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

Caribbean Cask has been matured in traditional oak whisky casks for 14 years, and then finished’ in casks that previously held Caribbean rum. To create the ideal finish, Malt Master David Stewart filled American oak casks with his own blend of select West Indian rums. When he judged the casks to...

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Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 15 Year Sherry Cask

The Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel Sherry Cask is a celebration of the unique and mysterious interaction between oak, spirit and time. This exceptional whisky is matured exclusively in a European oak sherry butt for at least 15 years. And while each cask is subtly different—Malt Master David Stewart hand...


Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 17 year Old Doublewood

To craft DoubleWood 17 Year Old, David Stewart, who celebrates his 50th year at The Balvenie in 2012, returned to one of his most celebrated achievements consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process often referred to as cask finishing.’ This technique is at the heart of The Balvenie...

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Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 21 Year Portwood

In the making of Balvenie Portwood, the Malt Master carefully selects rare reserves of Balvenie and transfers them to port casks for a further few months of maturation. The first period of maturation over more than two decades mellows the spirit and builds character. The second cask ageing is at the...

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Benriach Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

Bottled at 43% vol, the BenRiach 10 Years Old is Classic Speyside in character. The cask formula focuses on ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks exactly the types of wood we favour at BenRiach. This fresh, lively, fruit-laden single malt captures WARM OAK SPICES, GREEN APPLE, DRIED APRICOTS, PEACH and BANANA with subtle...


Bowmore Darkest 15yr Single Malt Scotch

Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made from barley that has been expertly cultivated in the rolling hills of Scotland. Once the barley has been harvested, it is malted and peated at the distillery. Bowmore remains one of the few Scottish distilleries that continues to hand-turn, malt, and peat its own...


Bowmore Single Malt Scotch 12 year old

The Bowmore Balance Complex yet perfectly balanced, this 12 Year Old Scotch reflects the raw essence of Bowmore - thrashing waves, windswept landscapes and generations of tradition. Bowmore 12 Year Old has received much critical acclaim; the late, great whisky writer Michael Jackson proclaimed it remarkably long and complex . Color: warm amber Aroma:...

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Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scottish Barley Single Malt Scotch Whisky

CHARACTER Smooth as pebbles in a pool. It’s clean, fresh and lively with both the oak and the grain in perfect harmony. COLOR Sunlight on fields of early summer barley NOSE The bouquet is brilliant. Opening with barley sugar and a hint of mint before leading into the most wonderful notes...

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Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2009

Bruichladdich Single Malt Whisky is made exclusively from unpeated barley grown on four different farms in the center of Islay, providing a very different terroir to the wild maritime location of their 2007 release from Rockside. After the grains are milled and mashed, they are fermented in the distillery's original washbacks,...

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Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Heavily Peated Scotch Whisky

Peated to a heavyweight 40ppm, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is a cuvee crafted from casks hand-picked by master distiller Jim McEwan. It showcases the supreme elegance of this remarkable single malt - a union of the classic floral elegance of Bruichladdich and heavy peat. This whisky is testament to Bruichladdich's belief...


Bunnahabhain Single Malt Scotch 12 year

The nose offers a fresh and aromatic experience with a subtle whiff of smoke floating through the air. The taste starts with a light fruit and nut appeal that leads to a spectacular malty sweetness, finishing into a beautifully rich full-bodied, lingering experience.


Caol Ila Single Malt Scotch 12 year old

Caol Ila combines sea air aromas, smoky-smoothness and a sweet start to create a pleasant, relaxed disposition with a lingering, charred dry finish. Nose: Oily yet fruity. Linseed oil, green olive, smoked fish. Lightly medicinal, wet grass, linseed oil, smoky wood (balsa wood?). With water good biscuity malt and smoky bacon...


Cardhu Single Malt Scotch

Founded in 1824, Cardhu was built on a site where illicit distilling had been in progress since about 1813. It is an easy, light whisky that provides a comfortable introduction to the beginning student of single malts. The water supply for the distillery is piped from a site about two miles...


Cragganmore Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old

John Smith, the founder of Cragganmore Distillery, is said to have been the most experienced distiller of his day. He had been manager of Macallan, Glenlivet and Wishaw distilleries, and was lease holder of Glenfarclas distillery when he persuaded his landlord, Sir George Macpherson-Grant, to lease him the land to build...


Craigellachie 13yr Single Malt Scotch

Craigellachie Single Malt Scotch Whisky is crafted from malted barley and pure spring water sourced from a spring on nearby Little Convall Hill. The malt is prepared in a wood-fired kiln before being triple-distilled through Craigellachie’s two spirit stills finally, the distillery uses rare worm tub condensers to impart unusually strong...


Dalmore Classic Single Malt Scotch 12 Year

ANDREW MACKENZIE’S MASTERPIECE The Dalmore 12 year old, with its intricate aromas and flavours, is recognised as a whisky with character far beyond its age. This was Andrew Mackenzie’s original masterpiece and stood apart from the norm of the day. At a time when it was standard practise to mature whisky...


Dalwhinnie Single Malt Scotch 15 Year Old

The flavors are simple, but flawless. A clean, crisp 15 year old from the Dalwhinnie distillery COLOR: yellow gold NOSE: fruity, aromatic BODY: round and full PALATE: begins with a light taste, clean and mellow, building to a smooth Highland glow - a balanced medley of malty sweetness, fruit and oak,...

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Deanston Single Malt Scotch 12 year old Unchillfiltered

NOSE: Expressive with hay and malty cereal notes. Creamy toffee and heather honey balanced with aromas of sweet oak and barley sugar TASTE: Fresh and creamy with soft vanilla. Sweet and fruity with a malty honeyed spiciness FINISH: Satisfying, clean and dry with a hint of cloves, tingling then gently fades...


Deanston Virgin Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Deanston Single Malt Whisky is made using Scottish-grown barley that is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. After the barley is mashed and fermented in an 11-ton open-topped mash tun the only one of its kind in Scotland it is twice distilled through Deanston's copper pot stills. The stills...


Edradour Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

Edradour is a unique, single Highland malt whisky, to be enjoyed in recognition of those small, significant moments that make up the ebb and flow of life. Edradour is produced in Scotland's smallest distillery - and is hand made today as it was over 150 years ago by just three men...


Edradour Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10 year old Unchillfiltered

Massive amounts of sweet malt mixed with a nutty aroma. This limited un-chillfiltered version is a great expression of the tiny distillery in the southern highlands. At 46%, a few drops of water continue to open this deliciously rich malt up, developing into malty-caramel, with roasted almonds and a hint of...


Glen Garioch Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old

One of the oldest operating distilleries in Scotland and its most easterly Glen Garioch (pronounced Geery in the ancient Doric dialect still spoken in these parts) has been making its mighty malt in the quaint and historic market town of Oldmeldrum, near Aberdeen in North East Scotland, ever since 1797. Shielded...


Glen Moray 12yr Single Malt Scotch

Aged in the finest American oak, there's a hint of toastiness to this elegant malt, a wonderfully balanced whisky with a subtle sweetness. A sublime marriage of summer fruits and mellow vanilla, it's intended to be savored and enjoyed. NOSE: Rich, sweet, and floral with notes of vanilla toffee, berry fruits...

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Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch

A perfect balance of caramelized fruit, butterscotch and lingering notes of toasted oats. NOSE: A fresh clean nose with hints of apples, pear drops, fresh key lime pie and bubblegum fading to a cinnamon sugar aroma TASTE: An elegant whisky with a soft mouthfeel and a taste befitting this meeting of...

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Glen Moray Classic Single Malt Scotch

Glen Moray's signature Single Malt. Aged for an average of seven years in entirely ex-bourbon casks, the majority of which are first-fill. The Elgin Classic is light, smooth, easy-drinking and competitively priced. NOSE: Fragrant and lightly drying with warming malty notes. Butterscotch and shortbread with herbal grassy notes. TASTE: Malty toffee...

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Glencadam 10yr Scotch Whisky

Nose: Aromatic and fresh. Hay, fruit, gentle wood influence with light vanilla and spice. Palate: Beautifully balanced with tart fruits, freshly cut hay and vanilla sweetness. Finish: Long and gentle as it fades out on barley malt and fruit. 46% ABV


Glenfarclas 105 Single Malt Scotch

Glenfarclas 105 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky was initially developed in 1968 by George S. Grant, who decided to bottle a barrel of Glenfarclas Whisky at cask strength as a Christmas gift for family and friends. Today, the whisky represents one of the most classic and elegant Glenfarclas labels, and continues...


Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch 10 year

Color: Vibrant, Straw-Gold Nose: Tempting sherry-sweet malty tones combine with delicate aromas, releasing subtle spices. Warming the glass reveals honey, vanilla and pear drops. Flavor: Delicately light, with a mouth-watering combination of maltiness, sherry sweetness. Hints of dried fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves tempt the taste buds further. Finish: Long. Smooth...


Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch 12 Year

Glenfarclas Distillery was built in 1836 by a tenant farmer by the name of Robert Hay. It is located on the moors at the foot of the Ben Rinnes Mountain where the Avon and Spey Rivers meet. This very modern and fine distillery offers a wide variety of ages in their...


Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch 17 year old

Glenfarclas 17 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made from freshly harvested barley, which is steeped in water sourced from the heather-clad slopes of the Ben Rinnes mountain. The crystal-clear spring water, which cascades down the 3,000-foot mountain through peat and granite, is the lifeblood of the Glenfarclas Distillery. After...


Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch 25 year old

25 years old - ABV 43% Amber with dark gold highlights, full ripe and sweet, finely peated with aromas of orange marmalade, honey, coffee, sherry and nuttiness. The finish fresh with a long lasting smoky maltiness.


Glenfiddich 14 Year Bourbon Barrel Reserve

NOSE Deep vibrant vanilla notes with hints of citrus, caramalized brown sugar and cinnamon. Baked apple and ripe summer fruits and balanced with the rich oaky aromas. TASTE Beautifully rich and sweet with layers of creamy toffee, woody spices, candied orange peel and fresh toasted oak. FINISH Long lasting with lingering...

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Glenfiddich 14 Year Bourbon Barrel Reserve

NOSE Deep vibrant vanilla notes with hints of citrus, caramalized brown sugar and cinnamon. Baked apple and ripe summer fruits and balanced with the rich oaky aromas. TASTE Beautifully rich and sweet with layers of creamy toffee, woody spices, candied orange peel and fresh toasted oak. FINISH Long lasting with lingering...

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Glenfiddich 19yr Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask Reserve

Matured 19 years in 100% first fill American oak casks creates a deep, rich whisky that is both bold & soft, sweet & complex. Gift ready packaging tells the story of the Age of Discovery a time when both American civilization and American whiskey distilleries were expanding, laying the foundation for...


Glenfiddich Excellence 26yr Single Malt Scotch

A rare and aged single malt Scotch whisky that has spent 26 long years carefully maturing in American Oak ex-bourbon casks. This expression was created to honor Glenfiddich's line of continuous family ownership since William Grant founded the distillery in 1887. Glenfiddich has created a luxurious single malt that truly lives...


Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

**The Latest Release in Glenfiddich's Experimental Series Range** Unexpected Combination of Smokey & Sweet Fire & Cane is a marriage of peated and non-peated whiskies that have been finished in sweet Latin rum casks. The unexpected combination of smoke and sweet creates a rich and vibrant flavor that is bold and...


Glenfiddich IPA Cask

Vibrant with a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and a hint of fresh hops. Finished in bespoke craft India Pale Ale barrels, our pioneering new malt is imbued with unique zesty citrus notes and the subtle tang of fresh hops. The flavour comes with carefully hand selecting the...


Glenfiddich Project XX Single Malt Whisky

Twenty of the whisky industry’s most exceptional minds came together to create this truly unique, pioneering single malt expression. With its deep golden hue, Project XX embodies the warm, fruity character of a classic Glenfiddich whisky with hints of apple blossom, summer fruits and ripe pear. But its multiple personalities are...


Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 year old

Carefully matured in the finest American oak and European oak sherry casks for at least 12 years, it is mellowed in oak marrying tuns to create its sweet and subtle oak flavors. Creamy with a long, smooth and mellow finish, Glenfiddich 12 Year Old is the perfect example of Glenfiddich’s unique...


Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 year old

Glenfiddich's 15 Year Old expression is created using a technique pioneered by their Malt Master and its warm, spicy flavors are transformed with the alchemy of the Solera Vat. Aged in European oak sherry casks and new oak casks, the whisky is mellowed in their unique Solera Vat, a large oak...


Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 year old 1L

Glenfiddich's 15 Year Old expression is created using a technique pioneered by their Malt Master and its warm, spicy flavors are transformed with the alchemy of the Solera Vat. Aged in European oak sherry casks and new oak casks, the whisky is mellowed in their unique Solera Vat, a large oak...


Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky 18 year old

18 YEAR OLD OAK, BAKED APPLE, CINNAMON ABV 40% We use fine Spanish Oloroso wood and American oak to mature this rich, intriguingly fruity and robust oak expression, but there are many more reasons why this expression is special. Every batch is individually numbered and carefully watched over. Each has extraordinary...

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Glenfiddich Winter Storm 21yr Icewine Cask

Enduring freezing weather, Malt Master Brian Kinsman visited Canadian Ice Wine vineyards and selected grapes by moonlight to create rare ice wines, with which to season casks and finish the whisky. After 21 years of maturation, Glenfiddich finished Winter Storm in Canadian icewine casks to create a crisp premium whisky imbued...


Glenglassaugh Evolution Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenglassaugh Evolution is created by maturing the whisky in a unique combination of the finest hand-picked ex-Tennessee first-fill whiskey barrels. This expression shows great depth of character and finesse, a harmonious combination of whisky and oak. Bottled at 50%, natural color and non chill filtered, Evolution represents the heart of Glenglassaugh’s...


Glenglassaugh Revival Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Revival is the first expression released from Glenglassaugh distillery after being mothballed for more than 20 years. The Glenglassaugh Revival has been matured in a balanced mix of ex-red wine and fresh bourbon casks, vatted and re-racked for double maturation in rich sherry casks. Bottled at 46%, non chill filtered...


Glenglassaugh Torfa Peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky

At Glenglassaugh, in addition to the traditional production, they also produce a very limited quantity of whisky using richly peated malted barley as the cereal varietal. The malted barley has been dried in the traditional way, over peat infused kilns, giving the whisky its unique smoky flavor. Glenglassaugh Torfa’, with its...


Glenkinchie Single Malt Scotch 12 year old

Glenkinchie is a light, delicate whisky; Sweet and creamy with a subtle floral fragrance. This subtly sophisticated Lowland single malt is a superb pre-dinner drink; try it taken straight from the freezer. STRENGTH: 43% ABV APPEARANCE: Pale gold NOSE: Aromatic, vanilla, cut flowers and beneath, a clean, toasty note. Increasingly sweet...


Glenlivet 12yr First Fill Exclusive Edition

In 1824, George Smith established his distillery in the remote and wild location of Glenlivet. Here, he found the perfect conditions to craft the definitive single malt whisky. Through this timeless primeval valley run the icy waters of the river Livet. Its name, smooth flowing one in Gaelic, reflects the Glenlivet's beautifully rich...


Glenlivet 18yr Single Malt Scotch

Over the course of 18 years, The Glenlivet Master Distiller, Alan Winchester, takes this expression through a combination of cask types, including both first and second-fill American oak (for tropical fruitiness) and ex-sherry oak (for spicy complexity). The result of this deft navigation of the distilling arts is a gorgeous single...

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Glenlivet 25yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Color: Rich amber with ripe gold hues Nose: Dark chocolate with scents of dried sultanas Palate: Silky, sweet and caressing with cinnamon notes Finish: Incredibly long, rich and balanced The XXV is a batch-produced whisky finished in individually selected ex-sherry butts. The Oloroso-soaked oak imparts a nutty spiciness and enriches the...

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Glenlivet Founder's Reserve

Boasting the classic flavors of The Glenlivet bound up in a creamy, smooth texture, this expression is a tribute to the one who started it all: George Smith, founder of The Glenlivet. To truly capture the essence of George Smith’s vision, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve has been created using the time-honoured...

WE 96

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Glenlivet French Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 year old

The origin of this whisky’s deep and satisfying flavor stems from a maturation technique pioneered by The Glenlivet, known as Selective Maturation. A portion of the mature spirit is transferred to virgin oak casks made from French Limousin oak, the same casks that are used for maturing fine French wines and...


Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 16 year - Nadurra

Nàdurra, meaning natural” in Gaelic, is The Glenlivet’s range of small-batch expressions made using traditional 19th-century techniques. The Nàdurra First Fill is drawn from casks made of American white oak which have never before been used to mature Scotch whisky. These oak casks, which distillers at The Glenlivet have favoured since...


Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 year old

The Glenlivet is perhaps the best known of all the Scotch single malts. Its founder, George Smith, with the encouragement of the Duke of Gordon, was the first to apply for a legal distilling license in 1824. George Smith was going against popular sentiment at the time in doing so, but...

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Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 year old 1L

The Glenlivet is perhaps the best known of all the Scotch single malts. Its founder, George Smith, with the encouragement of the Duke of Gordon, was the first to apply for a legal distilling license in 1824. George Smith was going against popular sentiment at the time in doing so, but...


Glenmorangie 18 Year Single Malt Scotch

In 1738, a brewery was built upon Morangie Farm in the Highlands region of Scotland. A century later, William Matheson acquired the farm and equipped the Morangie brewery with two stills that he purchased second-hand, and renamed the brewery-converted-distillery Glenmorangie. Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made using malted barley, which...

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Glenmorangie Original 10yr Single Malt Scotch

The original expression of Glenmorangie's elegant, floral spirit and the real backbone of the Glenmorangie range. A ten-year-old single malt, Glenmorangie Original is produced by marrying the delicate spirit that emerges from Scotland's tallest stills, with first and second fill American white oak casks. It is here, maturing for ten long...

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Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Lasanta

Glenmorangie Lasanta is an elegant and full-bodied single malt whisky that has been extra matured in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks after a minimum of ten years in ex-bourbon casks. In Gaelic Lasanta means warmth and passion’. Its luscious, soft, mouth filling texture, and its deep, enticing, sweet aromas and tastes appeal...

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Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Nectar D'Or

A captivating single malt whisky for the sophisticated luxury spirits drinker who enjoys delicious extravagance and sensual pleasures. With a tremendous gourmand’ appeal, The Nectar D’Or is Glenmorangie’s delicious, complex base spirit that, after a minimum of 10 years in ex-bourbon casks, is then extra matured in specially hand selected Sauternes...


Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Quinta Ruban

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban is a velvety-textured single malt whisky, for confident, colorful, dynamic luxury spirit drinkers who like to take the lead. A mature Glenmorangie that is transferred from the original ex-bourbon cask and then extra matured or finished’ in port pipes, shipped from the Quintas’ or wine estates of Portugal....

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Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Sampler Set 100ml

The Glenmorangie Taster Pack invites you on a journey through Glenmorangie's exquisite range of expressions. This is the perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast. Sampler Set Contains 1 of each: Glenmorangie Original 100ml Glenmorangie Lasanta 100ml Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 100ml Glenmorangie Nectar D'or 100ml

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Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Color: Glowing amber Nose: Heather-honey sweetness; peaty smokiness Palate: Rounded smokey sweetness; full malt delivery Finish: Teasing, heathery, subtle smoke. Delicious Take your time to appreciate the nose of Highland Park 12 Year Old and you’ll discover the characteristic honey sweetness followed by fruit maybe pineapple, apple or pear. On the...

WE 93

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Highland Park Magnus

The newest addition to the range, MAGNUS is the perfect tribute to the distillery's founder, Magnus Eunson, a butcher and church officer by day, and a bootlegger by night who set Highland Park on its path to becoming The Best Spirit in the World’. Available exclusively in North America, MAGNUS is...


Highland Park Valknut Single Malt Scotch Whisky

As light and full of brave promise as the emerging rays of the rising sun, the natural golden hue of VALKNUT reflects its long and even-paced maturation in the finest American oak. Rich, heathery peat from Hobbister Moor enhances sweet notes absorbed from these fine sherry seasoned casks while the addition...


Highland Park Valkyrie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

According to the old Norse sagas, for Viking warriors, death was not an end but a glorious beginning. And it began with the Valkyries... Plunging down from the dark heavens, the Valkyries would descend like avenging angels on horseback to comb the battlefields for the bravest of the fallen warriors, heroes...


Johnnie Walker Green Label Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Green Label is back, and this time it’s here to stay. Crafted from a palette of Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Island malts and matured for at least 15 years, it delivers all the character of a single malt whisky, but with a greater depth of flavor. Johnnie Walker Green...


Lagavulin 16yr Single Malt Scotch

A much sought-after single malt with the massive peat-smoke that's typical of southern Islay - but also offering richness and a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting dram. The 16 year old has become a benchmark Islay dram from the Lagavulin distillery. Tasting Notes Color: deep gold Nose: reminiscent...


Lagavulin 8yr Single Malt Scotch

Lagavulin is known as one of the most intense, smoky single malt whiskies ever made the peated barley used to create Lagavulin Single Malt has up to twenty times as much exposure to peat smoke as compared to typical Scotches. Once the grains used to craft Lagavulin Whisky have been harvested...

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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2018 - Fino Cask Finish

Each year the Laphroaig Master Distiller, John Campbell, handcrafts a limited edition malt to celebrate friendship (“Cairdeas“ in Gaelic). This 2018 Cairdeas bottling showcases a double maturation in first fill ex-bourbon casks then Fino Sherry Hogsheads, sourced from the bodegas of Spain. Carefully matured between warehouse number 8 and 10, this...


Laphroaig Lore

To create Lore, Laphroaig used both American oak and European oak. The former smaller barrels give the strong rich peaty flavours and a longer maturation for the large European Hogsheads until all the deep complexities are slowly released from the wood. Stored in the old dunnage warehouse beside the Atlantic the...

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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch

Laphroaig Quarter Cask takes its inspiration from the small casks often used for Scotch Whisky in the 19th century and frequently transported across the Glens by packhorse. As the industry grew, they fell into disuse bigger and more cost effective barrels became the norm, for maturation and transportation. However as single...


Laphroaig Select

Laphroaig Select takes its name from the special selection of American and European casks, chosen for their unique character that they give during maturation. Inspired by by the early work of Ian Hunter, the distillery's last family member owner of the distillery, the distillery has chosen to use Oloroso sherry butts,...

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Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

The western isle of Islay is covered with deep and ancient peat bogs. At Laphroaig , the beautiful hollow by the broad bay, the malt is kept on malting floors in time-honored tradition. The white oak casks full of aging whisky are stored in a warehouse on the sea, where the wood breathes in the briny sea-mist,...

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Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch 10 year old Cask Strength

The Purists Choice Awarded Best Single Malt in the World in 2005 by Whisky Magazine, Original Cask Strength Laphroaig is bottled at natural distillery strength with all the depth of genuine taste and texture normally associated with sampling whisky at source. Laphroaig is matured in seasoned oak barrels, charred before filling...

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Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch 25 Year Old Cask Strength

Laphroaig 25 year old has been lovingly created by marrying Laphroaig that has been matured in Oloroso Sherry casks with Laphroaig that has been matured in ex-American Bourbon Barrels; both were filled with newly distilled Laphroaig spirit from day one. When you marry together the sherried, oaky flavours from the 2nd...

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Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Triple Wood

Triple Wood is an extension of the Quarter Cask expression and is special for its triple maturation, which creates a unique blend of our signature peat-smoked liquid with softer notes of fruit and spices. First maturing in ex-bourbon barrels, second maturation in quarter casks and then a third maturation in European...


Ledaig 42 Year Old Dusgadh

The story of handcrafted Ledaig 42YO begins on the Isle of Mull at Tobermory Distillery, the only distillery on the island and amongst the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. Named Dùsgadh, meaning awakening’ in Scot’s Gaelic, reflecting the long, dormant period of maturation, this is the rarest and oldest Ledaig ever...


Ledaig Single Malt Scotch 10 year old

COLOR: Bright lemony gold. NOSE: Sweet briny smokiness with a distinctly island character that hints at mild antiseptic, creosote, wax polish, mint chocolate and floral seaside aromas. PALATE: Tantalisingly sweet yet medicinal flavors release sparks of spicy pepper with peaty smoke and vanilla malty creaminess. FINISH: Spicy white pepper and sweet...


Lismore Single Malt Scotch

From the Speyside Region of Scotland a Single Malt with all the classic qualities of this region. Robust but also delicate. The fine balance of flavors combine to make this a malt whisky distinctive in both taste and character.


Macallan 12 Yr Double Cask

Exclusively sherry seasoned whisky with the perfect balance of European and American oak maturation to create a distinctive American oak style sweet, honeyed and rounded. Colour Harvest Sun ABV 40% Nose Creamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange, vanilla custard and newly felled oak. Palate Deliciously honeyed, wood...

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Macallan 12yr Single Malt Scotch

Founded in 1824 in the heart of Speyside, The Macallan was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to be legally licensed. Since then it has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies. The Sherry Oak range is exclusively matured in sherry seasoned oak casks from...


Macallan Edition No. 3

Like preceding releases, Edition No.3 is an exploration into Macallan's approach to whisky making, exposing the detail of its creation, and offering true transparency. Inspiration and innovation lie at the heart of The Macallan and nowhere is this more evident than with the Edition Series. To make Edition No.3 the company...


Macallan M Single Malt Scotch

The Macallan M is crafted from 7 specially selected casks dating back to 1940, to create the richest, most complex and intense expression of The Macallan. It sits at the pinnacle of The Macallan range and is housed in a unique geometric Lalique decanter, made from the highest grade crystal. This...


Macallan No. 6

The Macallan No.6 has been created exclusively from first fill European Oak sherry-seasoned casks, that were made in a single cooperage - Tevasa - in the Jerez region of Southern Spain. The resulting whisky is of classic The Macallan character, with a rich dark walnut color and sumptuous combination of richness,...


Macallan Rare Cask

Rare Cask has been crafted from only handpicked Spanish sherry seasoned oak casks, some of the most precious and scarce in Single Malt Whisky, with an exceptionally high proportion of them being first fill. The Macallan's wood policy is unrivaled and it is this commitment to sourcing the industry's finest, most...

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Macallan Single Malt Scotch - 15yr Triple Cask Matured

Introduced in mid-2018, the Triple Cask range takes the place of Fine Oak in the Macallan stable. This expression is made exclusively with whisky aged for at least 15 years in a combination of European sherry seasoned casks, American sherry seasoned casks and American ex-bourbon casks. Nose: Citrus blossom, hot chocolate,...

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Macallan Single Malt Scotch - 18yr Triple Cask

The Macallan 18 Year Triple Cask is triple-cask matured in a unique combination of exceptional oak casks. In addition to European oak casks seasoned with Sherry, both American oak casks seasoned with Sherry and American oak casks seasoned with bourbon are also used. The unique attributes of each cask and The...

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Macallan Single Malt Scotch - Double Cask Gold

An intriguing single malt that celebrates the coming together of two styles, Double Cask Gold reflects a perfect harmony of flavors and natural color. The perfect partnership of American and European Oloroso sherry seasoned oak casks creates this burnished gold whisky with a distinctive character, that leads with American oak style...


Macallan Single Malt Scotch - Fine Oak Series 10 year

**Being discontinued by the distiller! Stock up while you can!** Macallan's unfaltering obsession with selecting the finest casks and distilling sublime spirit brings an unsurpassed, timeless quality to The Macallan. Distilled at their distillery in Speyside, this legendary Single malt is carefully matured for a minimum of 10 years. The unique...

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Macallan Single Malt Scotch - Fine Oak Series 15 Year

Macallan's unfaltering obsession with selecting the finest casks and distilling sublime spirit brings an unsurpassed, timeless quality to The Macallan. Distilled at their distillery in Speyside, this legendary Single malt is carefully matured for a minimum of 15 years. The unique combination of Bourbon and Sherry oak casks produces a particularly...

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McCarthys Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is of the Islay tradition of Scotch whisky. Of well-known single malts from Scotland, it resembles the Lagavulin whisky. It is very peat-y. Made from peat-malted barley brought in from Scotland, our whiskey would be a single malt Scotch if Oregon were Scotland. Widmer Brothers ferments...


McClellands Highland Single Malt Scotch

Color: Light Gold. Body: Medium bodied and well balanced. Nose: Sandal and cedar wood fuse with the sweetness of buttercream and fresh vanilla. A little water opens-up the Highland aroma, adding dark treacle and fresh Scottish gooseberries. Palate: A well-balanced combination of the sweetness of malt and the aridity of salt....


McClellands Islay Single Malt Scotch

Famous throughout the world for their peaty character and dry finish, the Islay dram is the unmistakable taste of Scotland. Color: Warm honey. Body: Full bodied and robust. Nose: Lingering wood cinders of tar and smoke, with just a trace of vanilla and a subtle citrus note. Palate: A strong Islay...


McClellands Lowland Single Malt Scotch

Color: Ripe summer barley Body: Light, fresh and very smooth. Nose: Rich floral notes fuse with freshly grated nutmeg and ginger. A distinctive Lowland malty’ flavor is clearly identifiable with a flourish of ripe tangerine zest. Palate: A fresh, invigorating, clean sensation. Essentially sweet, the mellow flavor is complimented by the...


McClellands Speyside Single Malt Scotch

Color: Honeyed with golden highlights. Body: Light to medium, elegant and balanced. Nose: A fresh invigorating Speyside malt of mint, menthol and freshly cut pine. Traces of fine dark chocolate and a lingering sweet malt aroma. Palate: An initial fibrous sweet nougat essence is complemented by the savory flavors of brazil...


Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky

The originality of this 100% malt expression lies in its unique distillation method. Malted barley is distilled in a Coffey still”, a traditional continuous still which is normally used to produce grain whisky. Discover this whisky’s extraordinary texture, which Nikka has specially developed for whisky aficionados. 45% ABV Awarded TROPHY at...


Nikka Miyagikyo Japanese Single Malt Whisky

This is a single malt from the Miyagikyo distillery, Nikka's second distillery built in 1969. The founder Masataka Taketsuru chose this site in the mountains of Sendai to contrast with his first distillery, Yoichi, located in the coastal area. Using less peaty malt and distilled in a pot still heated by...


Nikka Taketsuru 10yr Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

This is a blended malt named in honor of Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky. He is the first Japanese who mastered whisky-making in Scotland and produced the genuine whisky in Japan. Masataka learned that the natural resources surrounding a distillery were essential for quality whisky. Based on his thought,...


Nikka Taketsuru 17yr Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

The strength of this whisky lies in the way the subtle aroma of peat builds up over time," says world-renowned British whisky critic Jim Murray in appreciation of Taketsuru 17 Years Old. Its mellow, well-rounded nose and palate are sure to please. 43% ABV


Nikka Taketsuru 21yr Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

This pure malt whisky is characterized by a deep and flavorful richness and excellent balance unique to whisky matured for 21 years. You're sure to enjoy the nose, which blends the richness of ripe fruit with the elegance of the aged cask, and the complex changes in character that appear as...


Nikka Yoichi Single Malt

This is a single malt from the Yoichi distillery, Nikka's first distillery built in 1934. The founder Masataka Taketsuru chose Yoichi in Hokkaido because of the similar environmental conditions to Scotland, where he learned whisky making. Yoichi single malt has pleasant peaty notes and smokiness originating from the traditional direct coal-fired...

WE 92


Oban Single Malt Scotch 14 Year

14 Year Old The town of Oban is also known as the 'Gateway to the Isles'. Two brothers, the Stevensons settled here in 1778 and greatly enriched the hamlet, as it was then, with their business activities ranging from slate quarrying to shipbuilding. In 1794 Hugh Stevenson built the Oban Distillery,...

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Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch 12 year old

In the port of WICK in the last century, the distillery in the Pulteney district of the town was already established. Its whiskey, however, was not openly consumed by the citizens. The sale of alcohol was prohibited, for WICK, the world's busiest herring fishing port, was then a wild place with...


Royal Brackla 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Smooth and inviting notes of green leaf and almond develop into succulent vine fruits and perfumed spice. Ennobled nectar, fit for a king. 40% ABV Founded in 1812 by Captain William Fraser, ROYAL BRACKLA’s regal malt has a remarkable history. The distillery itself is over two centuries old and its malt’s...

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Royal Brackla 16yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Founded in 1812 by Captain William Fraser, Royal Brackla’s regal malt has a remarkable history. The distillery itself is over two centuries old and its malt’s nickname of The King’s Own Whisky’ stems from its distinction as the first single malt to be granted a royal warrant. High-grade barley, flawless water...

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Scapa Skiren Scotch Whisky

Scapa Skiren is a 2015 release from the Orkney distillery. Aged in first-fill American oak casks, this is creamy and sweet with notes of tropical fruit and heather. Skiren is the new single malt expression from the Scapa distillery on the Orkney islands. The islands have a rich Nordic heritage and...


Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Each Advent Calendar contains: 25 x 50ml bottles of Single Cask and Limited Edition Scotch Whiskies Unique Whisky Tasting Glass Keepsake Tasting Note Booklet Distillery Postcard Collector’s Lapel Pin This is the 2nd Edition Advent Calendar. WHISKY LISTING: 1999 Tomintoul 15yo - A. D. Rattray Craigmills (Glenglassaugh) Sauterne - Malt Whisky...


Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Shackleton Blended Malt has been expertly crafted by using a recreation of the antique Mackinlay’s as its foundation, combined with the finest Highland malt whiskies. NOSE Vanilla, Toffee apple, Cinnamon, Ginger TASTE Dark sugar, Sweet dried fruits, Glazed pineapple FINISH Hot mulled wine, Praline chocolate with a final whisper of bonfire...


Speyburn 10yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Speyburn 10 year old single malt is matured in a combination of American Oak ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. COLOR: Pale gold with amber highlights. NOSE: Fresh, clean with a hint of lemon. TASTE: Medium bodied with hints of toffee & butterscotch and a long, sweet finish.


Springbank Single Malt Scotch 10 year

This 10-year-old scotch offers whisky drinkers the perfect introduction to the Springbank range. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, it is perfectly balanced from the first sip through to the full, rich finish. Nose: Orchard fruit (pear) with a hint of peat, vanilla and malt. Palate: Malt, oak,...


Suntory 12 Year Old Yamazaki Whisky

Pure Malt Whisky Yamazaki uses only 100% malt whiskies at least 12 years old. Radiant and noble, its flavor is full bodied and mellow, and the distinctive woody taste of mature malt induces a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. We suggest that you first try it straight.


Suntory 18 year Old Yamazaki Whisky

YAMAZAKI is Japan's first and oldest distillery, established in 1923 by Suntory's founder Shinjiro Torii. Inspired by traditional Scottish whisky, Torii envisioned a Japanese approach by choosing a terrain and climate completely different to those of Scotland to create a unique kind of whisky. Yamazaki is thus the birthplace of Japanese...


Talisker Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

It was started in 1843 by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill from Eigg. Hugh was a tacksman (senior tenant farmer, who leased land to others) and acquired the lease of Talisker House and estate of Macleod of Macleod. After the brothers' deaths the distillery was eventually acquired by a partnership between Grigor...


The Deveron 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In 2015 John Dewars & Sons launched their Last Great Malts” Collection: a range of high profile single malt whiskies. This line up included top-shelf whiskies from Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Craigellachie, and Royal Brackla. They released several premium age statement expressions from each brand. The Deveron 12 Year was launched alongside an...

6542Regular price: $39.99Sale price: $36.97

The Deveron 18yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In 2015 John Dewars & Sons launched their Last Great Malts” Collection: a range of high profile single malt whiskies. This line up included top-shelf whiskies from Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Craigellachie, and Royal Brackla. They released several premium age statement expressions from each brand. The Deveron 18 Year Old was launched in...

25830Regular price: $87.99Sale price: $79.97

Tomatin 12 year Single Malt Scotch

This exquisite 12 year old Single malt has a wonderfully rich and elegant taste, producing a long and satisfying finish. Aroma - A complex, fresh and airy bouquet which contains rich malt and fruity aromas with a hint of peatiness. Palate - The palate is rewarded with a unique combination of...


Tullibardine 225 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sauternes Finish

A Sauternes entry into Tullibardine's range of finished whiskies, filling the spirit into a 225 liter sweet wine cask for a short secondary maturation before bottling.


Tullibardine 500 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sherry Finish

A sherry finished whisky from Tullibardine, part of their range of finishes. It was matured first in bourbon casks before spending some time in 500 liter sherry butts, most of which previously held Pedro Ximenez.


Tullibardine Sovereign Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A reinvigorated release from Tullibardine, upping the quality of presentation as well as their whisky. This bourbon barrel matured dram is packed with vanilla and spice.