Augusta Icewine 375ml 2015

Icewine is a very rare wine produced in limited quantities. This wine has the highly concentrated flavors and bouquet of peach, apricot, pineapple, pear, and honey. The finish is very long and rich. This wine is excellent with dessert or as a dessert itself. - 375ml bottle


Benihana Plum Wine

After a long and thorough search, I have personally chosen this most graceful of plum wines. It is distinguished by an elegant bouquet and body that can come only from the most carefully selected plums. I think all who taste it will agree that it is a perfect complement to either...


Bodega de San Antonio Red Sangria

Bodega de San Antonio Sangria Tradicional is a fresh, semi-sweet red wine bursting with essences of orange, lemon, and lime. Sangria Tradicional is 100% natural and can be served chilled or on the rocks with citrus wedges.


Chaucers Raspberry Wine 500ml

This wine is produced utilizing 100% pure fruit without the addition of artificial flavorings, concentrates or artificial colorings. The use of pure natural raspberries contributes to the intense, fresh flavors of this fruit wine. Although this wine exhibits richness similar to a fine liqueur, it contains only 10% alcohol. Hence, this...


Fu-ki Plum

Fu-Ki's plum wine is made with grape spirits and other natural flavors. This wine is made by a unique method cultivated for hundreds of years in Japan. The plums are picked at dawn and processed the same day to keep their dewy freshness and flavor which distinguishes Fu-Ki from all other...


Gekkeikan Plum Wine

California white wine and the essence of the most delectable plums create a lightly sweet sensation. Serve chilled. This plum wine is made from the choicest plums from Wakayama, Japan. Its subtly sweet, natural plum flavor has just a hint of tartness and is truly delightful. Enjoy chilled, on-the-rocks, in various...


Hakutsuru Plum

Using selected Japanese Plum, Ume , Hakutsuru Plum Wine has been brewed with highly developed fermentation skills and technique. It is characterized by its refreshing semi-sweet, sour taste and well-matured aroma from plum fruit. Flavor: Sweet Structure: Light-bodied With food: For aperitif or dessert wine. Temperature: Enjoy this real Plum Wine...


Inniskilin Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 375ml 2016

The red berry characteristics of the vinifera grape Cabernet Franc translate as an Icewine into strawberry like aromas and flavours. This Icewine is completely different from the white Icewines. The colour comes from pressing only as there is no skin contact during fermentation. The earlier it is harvested, the darker the...


Inniskillin Vidal Icewine 375ml 2013

Originally developed in the cool wine regions of Germany in the mid-1700s, Icewine is ideally suited to the Niagara peninsula and the Okanagan Valley's climatic conditions.


Inniskillin Vidal Icewine Oak Aged 375ml 2006

Originally developed in the cool wine regions of Germany in the mid-1700s, Icewine is ideally suited to the Niagara peninsula and the Okanagan Valley's climatic conditions. Icewine is intensely sweet and flavorful in the initial mouth sensation. The balance is achieved by the acidity, which gives a clean, dry finish. The...


Jackson Triggs Vidal Ice Wine 187ml

The naturally frozen grapes for our Vidal Icewine were pressed at an average of -10įC thus enhancing the varietalís sweetness and concentrated aromatic flavours. This was followed by fermentation in stainless steel to preserve the wine's intensity. This richly textured wine displays fresh tropical aromas of papaya, mango and apricot. Bold...


Klein Constantia 2007


Koshu Plum Supreme

KOSHU PLUM is a rich, sweet and refreshing taste with hints of cherry and almond. Serve it straight or on the rocks.


Madria Sangria


RL Buller Calliore 375ml

Winemakerís Tasting Notes: This wine is a good example of why the North East of Victoria is quite unique. Dense in colour with youthful hints of purple, the nose is aromatic with ripe plum and blackberry notes with a hint of vanillan spice from American oak. The palate has similar fruit...


Roscato Rosso Dolce

Roscato is an irresistible, delicately sweet, gently fizzy red wine from the northern Italian region of Lombardy. Made from three native grape varieties grown in this beautiful region for centuries Croatina, Teroldego and Lagrein Roscato makes a wonderful aperitif and is also incredibly food-friendly. Roscato seamlessly combines a long-held grape growing...


Stella Rosa Red Wine

This engagingly effervescent wine comes from the Piedmont region of Italy. Bright and refreshing, it showcases pomegranate, crisp red pear and apple-rhubarb pie flavors.


Taylor Dry Sherry

Light in color and delicate in flavor with nuances of roasted nuts, Taylor Dry Sherry is a classically styled pale dry sherry. It is delicious as an aperitif. Serve slightly chilled, over ice, with a twist, or with soda.


Vinchio - Vaglio Serra La Passione

La Passione is a sweet, lightly sparkling wine that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Made mostly of the Brachetto grape, it has aromas of raspberries and strawberries. Particularly enjoyable when poured over fresh berries and topped with whipped cream and can also be enjoyed with fresh fruit tarts and...


Yellow Tail Sangria

A lively, bright and exotic wine that's made for fun filled nights of laughing, talking and good times! Fruit driven with citrus notes... Inspired by the traditions of Spain, Yellowtail Sangria is a delicious mix of red wine and citrus flavors. Finishing clean, light and delightfully refreshing, [yellow tail] Sangria is the perfect wine to enjoy on its own, over ice, a splash of soda and/or with slices...