Christian Brothers Ruby Port

Characterized by a full body as well as a distinctive berry collar. Generous flavors are reminiscent of cherries bathed in luscious chocolate. It can serve as a delightful alternative to brandy. Expertly fashioned to follow the European traditions of Port, it is aged for maximum flavor.


Cockburns Rine Ruby Port

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby is a blend of young wines from various years, aged for three years in wood casks and bottled after filtration. With rich, full-bodied flavors of raspberry, plum and spice, it retains the red color and fruit flavor of youth, and is ready to drink when bottled, offering a...


Cockburns Tawny Port

Fine Tawny is aged for about the same amount of time as Cockburn’s Fine Ruby (about three years), but in smaller barrels to hasten aging to a reddish amber (tawny) color and to develop a smoother, nutty flavor. Many of these wines are also left upriver in the Douro Valley to...


Cockburns Tawny Port 10 year Old

10 Years Old Tawny is a light, medium tawny-colored wine. The aroma is clean, showing a good balance of sweetness and acidity mingled with a soft nuttiness permeating through the rich complexity of wood-aged wine. It is round and delicate on the palate, yet crisp and lively with a soft, mellow...


Cockburns Tawny Port 20 year Old

20 Years Old Tawny port is a golden-colored tawny, denoting a wine of considerable age. Very nutty and aromatic on the nose, it is a wine that has reached a high degree of smoothness through many years in wood. While very mellow and concentrated on the palate, it shows plenty of...


Croft Ruby Port

A blend of young wines, matured in cask for an average of three years before bottling. Croft Fine Ruby is a crisp, full bodied and fruity Port rich in style and with a full deep red, intense appearance. Lively plum and red berry impressions dominate this fresh young port, which is...


Croft Tawny Port

The Croft family played a prominent and influential role in the Port wine trade and elevated the House of Croft to the place of distinction which it occupies to this day. Although well established in Oporto and active in their Port wine business, the Crofts never lost touch with their Yorkshire...


Dows Boardroom Tawny Port

Blended to give a full-bodied classic Port made in the traditional style reflecting the skill and experience of the house. This Port originates from Dow’s own Quinta do Bomfim estate and a handful of neighbouring vineyards. Fruity, luscious and mellow with an attractive undertone of spice. Trademark has the slightly drier...


Dows LBV Port 2011

Dow’s is owned and managed by the fourth generation of the Symington family. Port producers since the 19th Century. The family, whose experience dates back over 100 years, supervises all the vineyards, winemaking and ageing of this wine. Dow’s owns two of the Douro’s finest Quintas, Senhora da Ribeira and Bomfim....


Dows Ruby Port

Deep and lively Ruby colour. The wine is full-bodied and has very appealing red fruit driven aromas. On the palate, fresh and youthful with raspberry and cherry flavours, combined with a long and intense finish.


Dows Tawny Port

Appealing tawny colour. Dow’s Fine Tawny manages to combine velvety smooth nutty and caramel aromas with delicious ripe fruit such as apricots, with hints of raisins. On the palate fresh, well balanced and with a long and slightly dry finish.


Dows Tawny Port 10 year old

Peter and Charles Symington select young wines of great style and body for setting aside and maturing in oak, over many years. During the ageing, the Ports gradually lose the full, deep red colour of their youth and take on the classic amber hue, which gives them their name. Superb light...


Dows Tawny Port 20 year old

Light amber and tawny colour, showing mature raisiny fruit aromas with hints of honey and caramel. Dow’s Twenty Years Old Tawny has a rich and nutty palate, with wonderful balance. A clean crisp finish and a soft lingering aftertaste make this an unforgettable Port on any occasion.

WS 86 WE 91 IWC 90


Dows Tawny Port 30 year old

Dow’s is owned and managed by the fourth generation of the Symington family. Port producers since the 19th Century. The family, whose experience dates back over 100 years, supervises all the vineyards, winemaking and ageing of this wine. Dow’s owns two of the Douro’s finest Quintas, Senhora da Ribeira and Bomfim....

WS 89 WE 94


Fonseca Tawny Port 10 Year Old

During the January following each vintage, Fonseca sets aside a reserve of very concentrated, powerful vintage quality red ports, selected primarily from the firm's own quintas and judged according to their ageing potential. These are placed in cask and cellared. Since wines from different vintages show variation in character, concentration and...


Fonseca Tawny Port 20 Year Old

It was once observed that it is easier to make a fine vintage port than a fine old tawny. Forecasting a young wine's development up to four decades in the future; blending to preserve, initially, the wine's freshness over time and, later, the style of the final blend; and finally, the...


Grahams Tawny Port 30 year

During their long maturing period in oak casks, Old Tawnies undergo subtle colour changes. The deep red hue which characterises a Port’s purple infancy gradually gives way to a paler red. It then becomes amber paler still and eventually takes on a delicate brown, orange tinted colour. GRAPE VARIETIES The grapes...


Kopke Tawny Port 10 year old

Established in 1638 by German diplomat Cristiano Kopke, the house of Kopke is universally recognized as the first Port wine export company in history. Their award winning wines are produced with grapes from their famous Quinta Sao Luiz, one of the most prestigious vineyards in the Douro region. Their traditional harvesting...


Mt. Pleasant Port 375ml 2008

Rated as one of the best port producers in the country, our full bodied, rich wine is loaded with berries in the aroma and flavor. Delicious paired with, or as, your favorite dessert. Pairs Well With: Chocolate, cheese cake, German Chocolate cake.


Offley Forrester White Port

Offley White Port has an attractive yellow-straw hue and an intense aroma dominated by floral, apricot and peach, marmalade and dry fruit notes. The aging in oak wood has ennobled it, increasing its richness and complexity. In the mouth, the balance between acidity and sweetness stands out, culminating in a lingering...


Presidential Port Ship Decanter 20 year Tawny

20 YEAR OLD... Elegant and complex with intense nutty flavor married with butterscotch and oak. A wine of exceptional character with a nicely sweet finish


Presidential Ruby Port

Classic deep ruby color. This delicious dessert wine combines youthful fruitiness with a surprisingly soft complex style rarely found in younger Portos.


Presidential Tawny Port

A supple, fruity, style of Tawny. It combines velvety sweet nut and fruit flavors with good balance and a long pleasant finish.


Quinta di Noval Black Port

Quinta do Noval Black Port is dark ruby in color with enticing aromas of black raspberry and lilacs. Rich and full-bodied, it offers bright acidity against flavors of black cherry, black raspberry, plum and chocolate. It tantalizes the palate on the lingering finish.


Ramos Pinto Tawny Port 10 Year Old

This tawny is a blend with an average age of 10 years. We are now entering the complex world of an aged tawny. Its brick-red, even golden shades transport us to the Orient of spices, piquant and exotic aromas, with all its mysteries. This is where the magical path towards the...


Ramos Pinto Tawny Port 30 year

Several battles were won with other types of tawny, but ultimate victory came within sight with the 20 years Port and the war was finally won with the 30 years. Harmonising these old wines, which are full of personality and character, is not an easy task. In the tasting room, decisions...


Ramos Pinto Tawny Port Quinta do Bom Retiro 20 Year

The Quinta do Bom Retiro exists in a unique setting in the world, the Douro. Extended in the 18th century by Luís Beleza de Andrade, one of the founders of the Pombaline Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro, and bought in 1919 by Casa Ramos Pinto, this Quinta...


Sandeman Ruby Port

Descended from the fiery ruby Porto wines originally shipped by George Sandeman in 1790, Sandeman Ruby Porto is still made traditionally, to be rich and robust, yet with a special depth of flavour and the finesse, achieved by expertly blending wines from Sandeman's large and varied stock. Brilliant red ruby in...


Sandeman Tawny Port

The Wine Selected from the lighter wines of each year, these Porto are chosen for ageing in small oak casks to develop their style. Sandeman's Tawny Porto has the fruit and style of great Porto, but with an added finesse. Pale in colour and light in body this Port is superb...


Sandeman Tawny Port 10 year old

TYPE: Fortified CATEGORY: 10 Years Old COLOUR: Red TONE: Red tawny DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: DOP Porto REGION: Douro COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Portugal Sandeman Porto Tawny 10 Years Old is a vibrant premium aged wine, where the balance of ripe fruit and oak aged intensity, highlight Sandeman´s quality. TASTING NOTES The intense...


Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port 10 Year Old

10 YEAR OLD TAWNY An exceptionally fine old tawny blend, aged for an average of 10 years in oak casks. Elegant and smooth, combining delicate wood notes and rich mellow fruit, it is bottled for immediate drinking. Excellent with soft cheeses such as brie; and a superb dessert wine, particularly with...


Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port 20 Year Old

20 YEAR OLD TAWNY Another magnificent and finely-balanced tawny of outstanding richness and complexity. The additional ten years of aging produces a fine balance between the rich, raisiny fruit and the nutty, honeyed finish - a taste to linger over. This rare port is traditionally enjoyed as a dessert wine or...


Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port 30 Year Old

30 YEAR OLD TAWNY Only every two or three years is a reserve of port with sufficient structure, fruit and power to age, produced from Taylor's own vineyards, laid aside to age in oak casks. Those that have reached their peak after thirty years are then blended together for balance and...


Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port 40 Year Old

40 YEAR OLD TAWNY An incredible example of an old Tawny port. A rarity, as few houses will make a 40 year old tawny. This wine is olive gold in colour with rich caramel, butterscotch, hazelnut flavours. The concentration in this port also produces a wine with amazing length, which lingers...


Taylor New York Port

A rich, fruity taste and smooth finish make Taylor Port the perfect choice to pair with your favorite dessert. It is a moderately sweet, ruby red port and is delicious for evening sipping. Serve over ice or at room temperature, with a twist, or with soda.


Warre's Otima Port 10 year 500ml

An aged 10 Year Old Tawny Port with a light delicate palate, challenging the perception of Port as a dark and full-bodied after dinner drink. Warre’s Otima has a groundbreaking contemporary design with broad consumer appeal, whose radically different packaging was produced to appeal to younger drinkers. GRAPE VARIETIES: The grapes...


Warre's Otima Port 20 year 500ml

Warre’s launch of Otima 10 & 20 Year Old Tawny caused a revolution in Port that introduced a completely new concept to consumers, helping to rejuvenate Port’s image in the main markets. Otima is now widely acknowledged as the most successful new development in the Port trade for over 25 years....


Warre's Vintage Port

Warre’s first Vintage blend, to be partly made up with wine produced in the Symington Robotic Lagares at the remodelled Quinta da Cavadinha Winery. A wine with immense finesse and elegance showing all the hallmarks of a great Warre Vintage.