Blandys Madeira Malmsey 5 Year old

This 5 year old Malmsey is a full bodied rich Madeira with a long lingering finish. It may be best savoured after a meal, on its own or with dessert to appreciate its mellowed robust character to the full.


Blandys Madeira Rainwater

GRAPE VARIETIES Tinta Negra Mole. VINEYARDS Various quality vineyards grown at between 300m and 400m on the north of the island near Sao Vicente. The vines are planted on terraced slopes with volcanic soil made up of dark clay and grit (Terra Grossa)and heavy clayey earth that does not drain water...


Broadbent Reserve Maderia

The history of Madeira wine stretches back to the Age of Exploration, when Madeira was a frequent port of call for ships whose captains would fuel up on wine—fortified to prevent spoilage—for their trans-Atlantic journey. The blazing heat of the sea voyage transformed the flavor of the wines, a metamorphosis reproduced...

WS 88 WE 88


Grahams Six Grapes Port

Six grapes is one of Graham’s original Port blends. The rather curious and primitive depiction of bunches of grapes on the label has always been used on the cask ends to identify the Six Grapes” blend. In the Graham’s stocks a bunch of grapes signifies a wine of Vintage quality and...


Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

Harveys has produced fine Spanish sherry from the Jerez region of Spain since 1796. Our flagship sherry, Harveys Bristol Cream, is the world’s best selling sherry, and the most popular imported sherry in the United States. While standard Cream Sherries are merely sweetened Olorosos, Harveys Bristol Cream is a unique blend...


Leacock Rainwater Madeira

Leacock’s Madeira was founded in 1760 by John Leacock and joined the Madeira Wine Company in 1925. In 1989, the Symington family took a majority shareholding and have since used their winemaking experience, dedication to reinvestment in the vineyards and winery, and worldwide distribution network to revitalize the Madeira trade. Medium-dry...


Sandeman Armada Cream Sherry

Armada Cream is a premium quality Oloroso Sherry. Careful ageing for more than seven years in the ancient Solera develops its complexity and roundness. A small amount of very rich Pedro Ximenez Sherry, made from sun dried grapes, is blended in to create a rich but complex combination. A traditional Oloroso...


Sandeman Character Sherry

The Wine Character Amontillado is a premium quality Amontillado Sherry, aged in small casks where the pale wines slowly evolve into medium gold amber colours and flavours of subtle complexity develop. Later a small amount of rich PX Sherry is blended in to make a dry and complex wine with a...


Sandeman Don Fino Sherry

The Wine Don Fino, a premium Fino Sherry, is a delicate and dry white wine. Produced from Palomino grape grown in Sandeman's own vineyards located in the best areas of the Jerez demarcated region, the wine matures in a Solera, under “flor” (a veil of yeast) for a minimum of five...


Sandeman Fine Rich Madeira

Medium dark amber color with pronounced golden highlights. Clean nutty aromas, light complexity and very agreeable. Brilliant wine - a good quality young Madeira in evolution. Medium rich flavor, nutty and slightly complex, with a good clean finish.


Sandeman Founders Reserve Port

The Wine Named in honour of the Founder, this Reserve is one of Sandeman's greatest Portos. Selected from the finest lots of each vintage and aged for 5 years. Full of the power, fruit and fire that distinguishes classic Porto, Founders Reserve is the culmination of two hundred years of expertise....


Sandeman Rainwater Madeira

This beautiful and lushly forested Atlantic island was discovered in 1419. Named for the Portuguese word for wood , Madeira produces some of the world's most unusual fortified wines. It was discovered that the long hot journey to the Indian Ocean improved the wine remarkably and the return trip made it...


Taylor Cream Sherry

Deep amber in hue, Taylor Cream Sherry is a full bodied dessert wine with a medley of sweet and nutty flavors. This moderately sweet sherry contains nuances of toffee and roasted nuts. It is delicious with dessert or after dinner. Serve chilled or at room temperature.